The Wonder Bowl Summary

“The Wonder Bowl” is a captivating story of a young archaeologist’s quest to unravel the mysteries hidden within an ancient, enigmatic artifact known as the Wonder Bowl. As she embarks on a thrilling adventure, the bowl’s secrets lead her down a path of discovery and danger. Read MoreĀ Class 7 English Summaries.

The Wonder Bowl Summary

The Wonder Bowl Summary In English

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Philemon and Baucis were old couples who lived in a hut on a mound. They were very generous to the people who came to their hut, even to strangers also. They were hard-working and poor. One evening they heard the barking sound of dogs and shouting of boys. They understood that some strangers might come. Philemon said to his wife to arrange some food for strangers and he would go to and fetch the strangers. The strangers wore tom clothes and were tired.

Philemon welcomed the strangers. They were made to sit at the table. Philemon and Baucis talked very kindly and affectionately. Baucis served a small bowl of milk to them. She politely told if they had come a little earlier they could have shared their meal. One of the guests replied that they were happy with what they offered, they appreciated their kindness and hospitality. They drank the milk and asked for some more. Baucis hesitatingly said that sorry there was only a drop of milk left in the bowl.

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The guest took the bowl and said that there was milk as much as they want. He filled both the cups with milk from the bowl Baucis was surprised and she could hardly believe her eyes. She thought that they were not ordinary people, they must be angels from heaven, come to bless them. The guests thanked the couple and blessed them that their bowl will be full of milk always. The next morning the guests were ready to go and said the couple that they were very much pleased and to ask anything they want Philemon asked that they should die together.

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So the angels replied that there is your home you live in it as long as you desire and come to heaven together. The old couple was astonished to see that their poor cottage was turned into a grand mansion. They humbly prayed to God and lived happily and doing good to others.


In the thrilling conclusion of “The Wonder Bowl,” the young archaeologist’s relentless pursuit of the artifact’s secrets reaches a climax, revealing a breathtaking revelation that transcends time and connects her to the past in ways she never could have imagined.

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