Nest with Grand Parents Summary

“Nest with Grandparents” is a heartwarming tale that chronicles the adventures of a young child spending their summer vacation in their grandparents’ cozy countryside home. In this enchanting story, the bond between generations is celebrated, as the child explores the wonders of nature, uncovers family history, and learns invaluable life lessons from their wise grandparents. The narrative beautifully captures the nostalgia and magic of childhood summers spent in the embrace of love and tradition. Read More Class 7 English Summaries.

Nest with Grand Parents Summary

Nest with Grand Parents Summary In English

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The ‘Nest with Grand Parents was the prose written by Lalitha Sridhar. Here the author describes the advantage and disadvantages of the nuclear family and Joint family. In the story, Anjali and her parents lived in the city i.e., Nuclear family. She was the only child and her father and mother, both were working. Her Dada and Dadi came to her house to live with them.

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She had to share her room and her routine was changed. After some days she adjusted to that life. Dada helped her in project work and Maths subjects. Dadi prepared delicious food. Grandparents show more love and affection to her. In the beginning, she was annoyed with her grandparents. She was not ready to share her things. She was disturbed. But after some days all went well. Some days later her grandparents wished to visit her bua’s house.

At that moment she was excited that she gets back her room After her grandparents went, their house was again nuclear family. There was no one to take care of her or loved her except her parents. But her parents were so busy with their work. Her happiness vanished. After some days, the phone rang, Anjali picked it and asked her Dada-Dadi, “When are you coming back?” This shows that the joint family is good for children’s healthy growth.


In the touching conclusion of “Nest with Grandparents,” the child’s summer sojourn becomes a transformative experience as they develop a deeper appreciation for the simple joys of life, the wisdom of their grandparents, and the enduring strength of family bonds.

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