Wealth and Values Summary

“Wealth and Values” delves into the intricate interplay between personal wealth and the ethical and moral values that guide individuals. This thought-provoking exploration dissects how the pursuit of wealth can either reinforce or challenge one’s core principles, shaping the essence of their character. Read More Class 7 English Summaries.

Wealth and Values Summary

Wealth and Values Summary In English

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“Wealth and Values” is the prose given in the form of a skit. The intention of the lesson is to understand the importance of money and values (moral) in life. The main characters of this skit (story) is Mr.Balaji and his two sons Rahul and Gagan, having contrast characters. Mr.Balaji was a rich businessman haying more wealth. Rahul asked Ms to share of the property and took it from his father and went away. He spent that money with his friends layislily. Finally, he turns into a poor man.

He wanders, none of his friends helped him. So he came back to his father’s house. Mr. Balaji felt happy Rahul felt ashamed and asked sorry. His father consoled Mm and accepted Mm. He told to Ms servants to celebrate the occasion. Gagan was irritated by Ms father’s action. But Mr. Balaji convinced that they lost his brother, he came back and realised his mistakes. “To err is human to forgive is divine”. So they should show kindness towards him by forgiving his mistakes. We should forgive because it has happiness’ and peace. Wealth (money) is important to life but values are more important than money. If we have values, we should lead a happy and peaceful life.


In the thought-provoking conclusion of “Wealth and Values,” it becomes evident that the alignment of personal wealth with deeply held values is a delicate balance, one that can profoundly influence individuals’ lives and the world at large.