Journey to the Top Summary

“Journey to the Top” is an inspiring account of a young, determined mountaineer’s quest to conquer the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. This gripping story explores the challenges, resilience, and unwavering spirit of the climber as they embark on a perilous adventure to reach the pinnacle of human achievement. Read More Class 7 English Summaries.

Journey to the Top Summary

Journey to the Top Summary In English

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This lesson was the experience of the first Indian Woman, to climb the top of Mount Everest. She was born in 1954 at Nakuri, a small village in the Garhwal Himalayas. Her father was a border tradesman who took wheat flour and rice from India to Tibet. From her childhood, she was rebellious and loved to wander in the snow-clad Himalayas. She dreamt of flying aeroplanes and amused her family. She was active and did well in studies as well as in sports. She climbed 4000 mts height during a picnic with her classmates. She had to spend the night without food or shelter This experience remained in her memory.

This incident increased her love for adventure. As a custom of Garhwal girls, she should leave the school and help in the house. At the age of 13. But she was determined to study and her parents allow ed her to finish high school. The Principal of her school persuaded her parents to send her to college. There she defeated both boys and girls in rifle shooting. She completed her B.A, M.A and B.Ed. Bachendri decided to apply NIM for the basic mountaineering.course.

She was Judged as the best student and marked as ‘Everest material! ’ She climbed the Gangotri, Rudugaira in an advanced camp. Her Mentor Brigadier Cyan Singh selected Bachendri for a scholarship. He set up “Bhagirathi seven sisters Adventure club” and it was a unique organization of girls and women to help other girls to find adventure. She was selected for the Indian Everest expedition in 1984.

The team comprised seven women and eleven men and it was Bachendri’s first real expedition. However she reached the peak on 23rd May 1984, She conquered the top of Sagarmatha (Nepali name) at 1.07 p.m. Her dream had come true.

She was honored the ‘Arjuna Award’ by Govt, of India, Padmashri, YashBharathi and a gold medal. She wrote her autobiography- “Everest- My Journey to the Top”. Now she was an employee of Tata Steel Adventure Foundation as Deputy Divisional Manager. Her life is the example of hard work and the will to succeed can raise one to greater heights.


In the exhilarating conclusion of “Journey to the Top,” the young mountaineer’s tireless perseverance, against all odds, culminates in a triumphant ascent of Mount Everest. This remarkable journey not only exemplifies the indomitable human spirit but also serves as a testament to the boundless capacity of individuals to overcome their limits, offering a profound lesson in courage, determination, and the pursuit of one’s loftiest dreams.

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