My Beginnings Summary

“My Beginnings” is a reflective and autobiographical essay by Henry Louis Gates Jr., a prominent American literary scholar, professor, and public intellectual. In this essay, Gates explores the roots of his ancestry, tracing his genealogical history to understand his familial heritage. He delves into the stories and experiences of his relatives, connecting his own identity to the broader context of African American history, culture, and the complexities of race in America. Read More Class 9 English Summaries.

My Beginnings Summary

My Beginnings Summary in English

Kapil dev says in his autobiography that looking back at his life, he has come to the conclusion that their beginnings never know their ends. According to him, his beginning started in Chandigarh, a small town surrounded by the hills of Himalayas. He was born on 6th January 1959. He had six brothers and sisters. They were older than him.

He was very curious and he had the ambition to travel around the world and drive a Mercedes Benz. According to him his both wishes were fulfilled. But these two dreams, twenty-five years ago seemed to him like casjtles in the air.

In his childhood, Kapildev spent the days like other children. Sometimes he used to leave school without telling anyone. As he had enough money, he would go to new movie and sometimes had a food of chicken chowmein with his friends. If he and his friends bored, they would amuse by, breaking fruit off their neighbours tree. Kapildev narrates an incident of picking fruit off the trees in a garden belonged to a lady.

Once they entered the garden. They climbed over the wall and came on the top of the papaya tree. Meanwhile the lady came out of the house with some guests. She entertained them for tea right under the papaya tree, on which Kapildev and his friend had taken position. The were afraid of the situation. They had to sit still there until the tea party was over. The tea party lasted for two hours. That was the day he experienced red spot on his skin.

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The next day the lady, the owner of the garden had to leave for Delhi. Before she went to Delhi, she had ninety two pomegranates on the tree in her garden, counted many times, because she kneyr their mischief. Before she turned back from Delhi; Kapildev and his friends had taken down ninety two pomegranates and had eaten whatever they could and had distributed the rest. The lady told his mother. what happened in garden. The mother got angry and she gave her son such blow that he could never forget in his life.

The another naughty thing that Kapildev did was that there was the huge open green area where the police horses used to graze, Kapildev and his friends tried to ride them. Despite innurable falls and fright, he learnt to ride a horse and control him once he and his friends had learnt to master the horse. They became more courageous and ventured out of fenced area with the horses. Nobody would have noticed except for the fact that he bit off more than could chew. He decided to take the horse home and house him in their back garden.

He struggled to get the horse through the tiny five and a half foot by two foot door way. He and his friends were caught within minutes of their arrival. The horse, of course was duly returned and the hiding he received from his father discouraged his venturing near the grazing fields again.

Kapildev was not studious. He spent much of his time playing games. He was fairly good at all games. He dreamed of becoming a foot bailer. But his friends were interested in cricket. They persuaded him to change his game. He would always be grateful to them, because they introduced him to the game of cricket. Hence then he spent a lot of time on the cricketer field and played a number of inter-school tournaments. He came to be noticed a promising lad in the game of cricket. At last cricket led him to become a professional player.


In conclusion, Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s “My Beginnings” is a deeply personal and introspective exploration of the role of ancestry and family history in shaping one’s identity. My Beginnings Summary In English Gates’ journey to understand his roots leads him to discover the profound impact of the African American experience on his own life and on the broader context of American history.

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