Grandma Climbs a Tree Poem Summary

“Grandma Climbs a Tree” is a nostalgic and heartwarming poem by Ruskin Bond, a renowned Indian author. In this poem, Bond reflects on the playful and adventurous spirit of his grandmother, who, despite her age, fearlessly climbs a tree in the garden. The poem is a charming tribute to the enduring youthfulness that resides in the hearts of those we love, emphasizing the simple joys and lasting memories that family bonds can bring. Read More Class 10 English Summaries.

Grandma Climbs a Tree Poem Summary

Grandma Climbs a Tree Poem Summary in English

“Grandma Climbs a Tree ” is a poem written by Ruskin Bond. The Indian council has recognized him as the pioneer of the growth of children’s literature in India. He has written more than 30 books for children. In this poem, we can see Bond’s great ability to enjoy unusual events and activities. Commonly unusual things are seeds for Humour. Climbing a tree by grandma is one of the unusual anecdotes. This is the poem, as the title suggests, how an old woman keeps the childish habits and desires. The speaker here explained his grandma’s habit. He called her genius because she could climb a tree in that old age. The tree may be high or spreading, she would have to climb.
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Even at the age of 62, she climbed a tree, she had the capacity of climbing the tree very quickly. She has this skill. She is fond of climbing a tree since her childhood. She had this gift and enjoying a lot. She feels happy to climb a tree. She had more pleasure in a tree than in a lift. As years went on and grandma became old and her well-wishers suggest that she must stop trees. Whenever the people grow old they can give up children’s deeds and lead graceful life. Grandma laughed and said that she will grow disgracefully, what is in that but she can assure that she can do it better.

Others would agree to her. What can she do in a better way? Luckily there was no tree in their garden. Grandma learned to climb a tree from her loving brother when she was six years. All old people feared that if she ‘tree, one day or the other, some danger would happen to her. This is the fear of her beloveds. Once the family members were out of town, grandma had a terrible fall. How did it happen? Don’t know. But the result was (utterly) completely different. Instead of “a threat, she climbed a tree and could not come down.

After the rescue, the Doctor suggested that she had to take complete bed rest for one week. There was no major harm to her. Family members sighed with relief. When grandma was on the bed, it was like a little hell. Her bedroom is like a prison and she felt that she is imprisoned in her room. During her rest period when she was in her room she can feel the breeze and whisper of dancing leaves in the summer.

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Grandma.peacefully waited till she became stronger, afterwards, she said to her son that she could not lie on the bed any longer and without hesitating, she ordered that she wanted a house on the treetop. Her son was obedient to his mother and obeyed her order. Immediately he started the work with the help of his son who was an expert. They finished their work and made her a little, beautiful house on the treetop. The house had windows and a door. After that grandma lived in that house and her grandson could climb the tree every day to give glasses and tray. The grandson supplied food and wine to her. She sits there and eats and drinks with her grandson, like this she can claim her right to live on a tree.


In conclusion, Ruskin Bond’s “Grandma Climbs a Tree” is a touching ode to the timeless vitality and zest for life that can be found in the elderly. The poem celebrates the indomitable spirit of Bond’s grandmother, highlighting the boundless energy and youthful enthusiasm that age cannot extinguish.

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