Science and Hope of Survival Summary

“Science and Hope of Survival” is an essay by Rachel Carson, a prominent environmentalist and author of “Silent Spring.” In this essay, Carson discusses the crucial role that science plays in addressing the environmental challenges facing our planet. She emphasizes the potential for scientific knowledge to inform and guide humanity towards a more sustainable and hopeful future. Read More Class 10 English Summaries.

Science and Hope of Survival Summary

Science and Hope of Survival Summary in English

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This prose is written by Kellis – Borok. He is a scientist and doing his research on the theory of seismic waves – tremors which is produced during an earthquake. There is a popular statement that if the person is so clever, why he is being so poor? Many youngsters want to become a scientist though it didn’t give much money When compared to the other professions like Business, Law, Medicine.

According to Leo Tolstoy that a writer is not merely a person who writes. A Writer is a person who cannot live without writing. Similarly, the author believed it is true for scientists also. The scientists would get money and honor only after their discovery. Instead of money, they get freedom, friendship, and independence. The honors and promotions would depend on scientists themselves and they would get the feeling of revealing the secrets of nature.

The present situation is proof upon the sayings of Frank Press that “An instant understanding, the efficiency of thought and action, and a good feeling that comes when the like-minded people to work together. At the time of cold war in I960 when the author was in Moscow and doing his research and involved in his problem; he enjoyed the mathematical challenge. He did not give much importance to how it connects to real life. One day he got the call from the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He had received the message from the Palace of Nations in Geneva.

The technical experts from the Soviet Union, the United States and the United Kingdom who had possessing nuclear weapons met behind closed doors. The President showed the letter from Geneva, an American Scientists, Frank Press quoted the authors work while arguing with Moscow experts. For his great surprize, the author had to attend the Geneva conference. At that time, everyone on the world was living under the threat of destruction which may cause by nuclear weapons. All three superpowers had enough nuclear bombs to destroy others. If anyone of them used, it would take 20 minutes to reach their targets but the other side had plenty of time to launch the reverse action against their enemies ensuring the destruction with the ominous acronym “MAD”. This MAD gave only a thin thread of protecting from the common destructive destiny.

The invention of more stronger bombs creates more imbalance. So the three nuclear powers were willing to come to an agreement, putting a ban on the nuclear weapon test. Hence, technical experts were called to solve the problem that arose.
The two problems were –

  • The nuclear powers had signed an agreement to stop the test of the new nuclear weapons
  • One of the participants had violated this agreement and secretly made an underground nuclear explosion. The problem was how can the other powers detect the violation?

This problem had a direct connection with the theory of seismic waves. The nuclear explosions produced earth tremors which are similar to those produced by earthquakes. How to identify whether the tremors are from an earthquake or by the nuclear explosion. The authors the theoretical knowledge had a direct application in the area of survival of the humankind. In this critical situation, with political tensions, Scientists and Engineers from the! opposite sides of the curtain had to find a solution, it seemed to be impossible. So according to author the scientists should give up their cultural differences and work hard for the benefit of the whole mankind.

Scientists were able to work, based on respect to hard evidence, known to be true ranking and they were skillful. They were working together to find a solution. Based on this the politicians took the most important decisions of their time Nuclear Test Ban.
From this event, the author learned that

  • he had similar people who think and interact like him all over the world.
  • There is no need to feel lonely in abroad.
  • Where there is science, there is the hope of survival and well being for all.

There is a general saying that scientists do not have a practical or general sense. In one or the other case, it may be true that the famous mathematician while thinking or involved in the subject may wear shoes of different pairs. However, if we look carefully we can find the other side of it. Scientists are the most practical people in the world. All new technologies, a new branch of industries from defense to entertainment are the fruit of scientists research.

The antibiotics, electronics, biotechnology synthetic fibers, the green revolution, genetic forensic diagnosis, etc., The basic scientific research could give us new sources of energy, new mineral deposits and efficient defense from terrorism, cure from cancer, forms of transportation, etc., These are all contributions of scientists. It is very common that the survival of our civilization is threatened by natural and man-made disasters. The most common are earthquakes, self – inflicted destructions of megacities, environmental great disaster, economic and social crisis.

The solid release of radioactivity from a nuclear waste disposal, an earthquake in the middle of a densely populated cities, an outburst of mass violence, or any other global disaster can cause millions of casualties, Even it can cause a large part of our world uninhabitable and quickens the global economic depression or a war in a “hot” region. These are controlled by known techniques and spent one lakh crores of dollars.

The hope and the responsibility for breaking the agreement depend not only on money but on intellectual resources. According to French Proverb, Nobody is satisfied with his wealth, but everybody is satisfied with his wisdom. Only the basic research can create a springboard for developing new disaster preparedness industry. I George Bundy says that “Ours is the time of contest over issues” not completely understood.

Scientific research is an exciting venture into the great unknown. It had a great role in human survival. We all safely move by the scientist’s tools. Finally, the author reminds us that science is not beginning or end. If it is humanly used, it acts as a very useful and necessary guardian and caretaker.


In conclusion, Rachel Carson’s “Science and Hope of Survival” passionately advocates for the indispensable role of science in safeguarding the planet’s future. Her essay serves as a rallying cry for environmental awareness and underscores the optimism that science, when coupled with a deep sense of responsibility, can offer in addressing the ecological challenges of our time.