Argumentative Essay ICSE 1997

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Argumentative Essay ICSE 1997

Give an account of the ways in which advertising has affected modem life. (ICSE 1997)
Role of advertising in our lives.

What is advertising and the different media used for?

  • Importance of advertising in daily life
  • Effect on business and commerce
  • Improved quality of life, effect on education, health and entertainment
  • Negative aspect of advertising

In modem times it is the lifeline for business, and economic growth

“Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need,” said Will Rogers. In simple terms advertising means giving publicity to goods and services to create awareness so that consumers finally buy the product. This is a fine art perfected over the years, though the type and form have undergone a phenomenal change. This transformation is reflected in the metamorphosis of advertising from word of mouth to press, (newspapers and magazines), electronic media (radio and TV), outdoor media and most recently the Internet. These have made it a powerful medium for business, increasing its effectiveness and reach manifold.

Advertising has an all pervasive impact on modem life. The finest of the products would not find a market and would rot in the godown, unless it is properly advertised. By promoting the sale of goods and services it contributes to the economic growth of the country. It helps in the field of health care and education by creating awareness for the consumer. The government also uses it for promoting health and social welfare schemes like pulse polio, AIDS and family welfare.

It is an effective tool for improving the quality and raising the standard of living of the people. Consumers are informed of the important benefits of a product or service, the use of which makes their life easy and comfortable. It helps a consumer choose items ranging from soaps, detergents to consumer durables like cars and refrigerators by comparing product features of different brands. It also helps manufacturers target their products for niche consumers through specific advertisement campaign using the appropriate media.

Advertising has changed the style and way of doing business, making it more scientific and productive. It involves the detailed study of consumer behaviour so that consumers can be induced to buy the product to fulfil a need hitherto unknown. It has opened up new avenues and removed all forms of geographic, language and social barriers. So significant is its contribution that large business houses earmark a major portion of their annual expenditure for advertising.

Besides its role in promoting business and economy, it is now being increasingly used in politics.We find most political parties and even candidates, carrying out well-researched advertising campaigns; to boost or acquire an image, which is crucial for victory.

Besides its importance in promoting business, it has also profoundly affected the education, health and entertainment sectors. One is now subjected to bombardment of advertisements through different media. The advertisements- range from different educational avenues for students, nutrition for children, fashionable clothes or different movies in town. Its significance can be gauzed from the fact that most business houses earmark a major portion of their annual expenditure to spend only on advertising.

However, advertising, if used with ulterior motives has a corrupting influence on the young generation. Lately some companies are resorting to ad campaigns that promote an alien lifestyle and are at variance with our culture. Others resort to crafty advertisements that aid in deception, promoting unworthy products by manipulating the psychological aspirations of the consumer.

There is no denying the profound effect of advertising on modem life. Despite being irritating at times life without it would be inconceivable. Besides contributing to economic growth, it plays an important role in promoting health care, entertainment and education. Advertising in modem times is the lifeline of business, for in the words of Henry Ford, “Stopping advertisement to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”


  • ‘There is too much advertising in today’s world and it should be curtailed.’ Give your view for or against the statement.
  • ‘Advertising promotes Consumerism.’Discuss
  • ‘Advertisement of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, have a corrupting influence on youth and hence should be banned.’ Give your view for or against the statement.

The advantages and disadvantages of being young. (ICSE 1997)

What is youth?

Advantages of youth

  • Mentally and physically at its peak, more adaptable
  • Innocent with no prejudice, optimistic and positive attitude
  • Forever enthusiastic and daring

Disadvantages of youth

  • Life stressful because of parents and peer pressure
  • Heart rules over mind, easily influenced by friends

Advantages of youth far out weigh disadvantages

“His best companion, innocence and health. And his best riches ignorance and wealth. How happy is he who crowns in shades like these? A youth of labour with an age of ease,” said Oliver Goldsmith. This vividly sums up what youth is all about. It is however sad, that youth comes only once, what precedes it, is childhood, which is spent in play and frolic and what follows is old age and misery. Youth is the prime of one’s life.

Youth is the “age of ease” being mentally and physically in the pink of health. Their minds are fresh and hence more receptive to new ideas and thoughts. Physically too they are mature with all faculties functioning optimally. Being so endowed this is the appropriate time for them to choose a specific stream for study that would lead them to their future career.

Their innocence and ignorance are a blessing, making them free from prejudice or doubt. Their approach to life is therefore more positive and optimistic. It is this attitude which makes them enthusiastic and daring. Often attempting what old people think to be impossible to achieve.

The youth of today are however not a very happy lot, for despite good health and the comforts of modem life they have to study hard at school and at home. Their peers and parents expect too much from them causing stress and anxiety which leads to psychological imbalance, depression and frustration that sometimes proves fatal. The increasing trend of youth taking the extreme step of suicide, is an indication of the stress they are under.

Lacking in experience and wisdom they are more emotional than logical, in deciding important matters. This makes them vulnerable and hence get easily misguided. This is evident in the increasing number of young people taking drugs and indulging in criminal activity because of bad company.

Notwithstanding these disadvantages, one still longs for youth to come back. One is reminded of William Shakespeare when he said, “All the world a stage, and all men and women mere players: They have their exit and entrances: And one man in his time plays many parts.” It is unfortunate however, that in this play of life the part of youth has no retake. One must therefore live the part truly and sincerely.


  • The advantages and disadvantages of childhood
  • The agony of old age

There is no scope for adventure in this modern world. Give reasons for or against the statement. (ICSE 1997)

There is no scope for adventure in this modem world.

  • Medieval period was the period of adventure
  • Adventure in the field of discovery and inventions in the field of science and technology.
  • Adventure in travel
  • Adventure in sports and entertainment

The laid back attitude leaves no scope for adventure in the modem world.

Man has always been fascinated by the mystery of Nature. The process of unveiling these mysteries has made him adventurous. The last two centuries were very eventful for great adventures and discoveries were made during the period. This has made our life more easy and comfortable. Unfortunately there are fewer mysteries to unravel in the modem world and consequently no scope for adventure.

In medieval times, adventure was manifest in all spheres of human life. This was because man lived on the strength of physical prowess. He waged great wars and made big conquests in his quest for supremacy. There were also many avenues for adventure in hunting and discovering new places and people.

Then followed the age of great discoveries and inventions in the field of science and technology. The invention of cars, train and the airplane drastically reduced travel time. Telegraph and telephones conquered time and distance.

Diseases that were thought to be deadly, were overcome by new discoveries in the field of medicine and health care. Compared to the giant strides made during this period, there are limited avenues of discovery in the modem age. This is because fewer discoveries are now being made and those that are taking place are difficult for the common man to comprehend.

Travel has always been an important avenue for adventure. Man in his unquenching thirst for thrill has made great voyages discovering new continents, oceans, countries and even planets. Men like Columbus and Vasco De Gama became immortal, on discovering America and India respectively. However, travel by train, car or an aeroplane in modem time can hardly be called adventurous.

Tremendous change has also taken place in the field of sports and entertainment. Thrilling sports like hunting and fighting wild animals have now made way for cricket, football and indoor games, which by no stretch of imagination are adventurous. The excessive emphasis on studies to make a career has made life dull and devoid of excitement.

The modem age has made one lazy. One has become accustomed to having the best of amenities at the click of a button. This leaves no scope for adventure in the modem world.


  • ‘The world is yet uncivilised’ Give your views for or against the statement.
  • Scope of adventure in the modem world