Argumentative Essay ICSE 1996

Impact of modern entertainment on society, provide a balanced write-up of your views on the subject. This Argumentative Essay was asked in ICSE 1996 board exam. You can find Previous Year Argumentative Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Argumentative Essay ICSE 1996

Impact of modern entertainment on society, provide a balanced write-up of your views on the subject. (ICSE 1996)

Importance and need for entertainment. It acts like a tonic relieving stress and tension.

  • Various avenues of entertainment
  • Important role in economic development and growth of the country
  • Positive impact of entertainment on youth by providing education, and career planning through the Internet
  • Progressive organisations encourage employees to go on vacations
  • Negative impact due to degradation of moral values and crime

Modem entertainment has a positive, contribution to the growth of the individual and the country

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Man by nature is a gregarious animal. He loves to socialise, to entertain and be entertained. Over the years man has devised various forms of entertainment. They range from playing cards, games, watching movies, going for a picnic, vacation etc. All these activities act like a tonic in life. It provides the much needed change, so that life does not become a drudgery of routine. Social scientists have conclusively proved the positive impact of such relaxation, which enables one to get back to work with renewed energy and vigour.

The last century has witnessed a boom, in the various avenues of entertainment. Entertainment that was confined to theatre and sports has made way for television, cable TV, radio, mobile phones and the Internet. All these can be assessed in the confines of one’s home at the click of a button. Besides these, there are other outdoor avenues like going to watch a movie in a multiplex, participating in sports and expedition or visiting exotic locations in the country or abroad.

The vast avenues of entertainment provide fun and happiness to people. They also provide employment and growth opportunities to thousands of people. Remote areas that were inaccessible have become exotic destinations for the tourist. This has helped in the economic development of the region and contributed to economic growth and prosperity of the country.

This boom has also impacted the awareness level of the youth. They are now better informed than their predecessors. The group activities like games and expeditions inculcate team spirit, develop social values and interpersonal skills. The programmes on television and radio beside giving a fillip to their awareness also help in spreading, desirable social and cultural values. The advent of the Internet has helped students in education, self¬development and career planning.

Many progressive organisations having realised its positive impact encourage employees to go on vacation, expedition or sightseeing individually or in a group. Such activities not only provide relief from stress but also help in team building which is good for the individual and the organisation.

The only disturbing aspect is the gradual degeneration of moral values in the society, due to overexposure to violence and sex on impressionable minds.The youth get addicted to cinema, television and now the Internet. This distracts them from work and study, making them a recluse. Some emulating their role models in films take to crime. Many a promising career gets snuffed out, even before it could bloom.

Notwithstanding the above, the importance and the positive impact of entertainment in our lives cannot be diminished. It benefits the individual by making life less stressful, contributes to the economic growth of the country and also the society by raising the standard of living. There is however need for some restraint on the part of the individual and effective control by the government, to ensure its positive impact on our life.


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