Argumentative Essay ICSE 1998

Set out briefly but clearly the argument for or against animals being used in public and street performance. This Argumentative Essay was asked in ICSE 1998 board exam. You can find Previous Year Argumentative Essay Topics asked in ICSE board exams.

Argumentative Essay ICSE 1998

Set out briefly but clearly the argument for or against animals being used in public and street performance. (ICSE 1998)

Animals should not be used in public and street performances.

  • Animals subjected to inhuman torture while training
  • Role of animals in maintain ecological balance
  • Banned in advanced countries, role of NGOs and SPCA in creating awareness and eradication of this evil

Need to build public opinion and enact laws to ban this evil practice

The use of animals in public and street performances should be condemned by one and all. It is not only barbaric but also against the law of nature. Animals, like human beings, are born free and have just as much right to live, as we have. It is indeed very painful to see man exploiting these animals, to fulfill his greed for wealth. The subjugation of animals for business and profit is an evil practice that should be done away with immediately.

Animals like monkeys, snakes, elephants, bears etc. are captured from their natural surroundings and subjected to inhuman torture during training. This is done so that they can perform completely unnatural tasks for entertaining people and generating profit. The training schedules are so stringent that quite a few perish in the process. Those that survive the ordeal are just not their normal self. The animals living in captivity gradually lose their natural instinct. The artificial surroundings and diet has an adverse effect on their health, making them die an unnatural death.

Animals have an important role to play in maintaining the ecological balance in nature. It would be difficult to imagine the world without them. Environmentalists have time and again warned about the extinction of some animals which would have serious effect on the food cycle. This would consequently endanger life on earth. God has bestowed man with intellect, to enable him to utilise the resources of nature. He does this effectively by harnessing the natural as well as the animal resources, to make life comfortable. However exploiting animals just for the sake of entertainment and fun is an unpardonable sin, which must be avoided.

This realisation had led to many advanced countries like the USA and the UK, banning use of animals in public and street performances. Many non-government organisations, in the country including the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) have also taken up the cause and have successfully aroused public opinion against this evil practice. However, more needs to be done so that this practice is completely banned. This is not easy, for even now it is the only source of livelihood for some people.

There is therefore an urgent need to educate the public, about the harmful effect of this practice. This would build public opinion enabling the government to enact laws to stop the cruelty perpetuated on animals.This needs to be done immediately, for it is our social and moral duty to preserve the universe and the species living in it, for the future generation.


‘Animals are happy in zoos and free from the dangers of the jungle’. Give your views for or against the statement.