Who I am Summary Analysis and Explanation

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Who I am Summary Analysis and Explanation By Pete Townshend

About the author Pete Townshend

Author Name Pete Townshend
Born 19 May 1945 (age 75 years), Chiswick, London, United Kingdom
Movies Tommy, Quadrophenia, The Kids Are Alright
Music groups The Who, Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, Blood or Whiskey, Deep End
Pete Townshend - who i am summary analysis and explanation class 6
Pete Townshend

Who I am Introduction

The lesson is about different people of different orientations. Everyone has an interesting story to learn and tell. The experience that is shared through this lesson can be a very enlightening one.

Who I am Summary of the Lesson

Who I am Part 1 Summary

♦ Many voices:

1. Radha: The story is of a girl who liked to climb the trees. She described the way she sat on branches spreading out. Her mother ask her not to climb the trees and sit on its branches. But one day she herself climbed up on the trees. They both talked to each other and ate raw mangoes. She is sure that climbing a tree give her a feeling of being the Ruler of the world.

2. Nasir: The story dealt with a potential researcher who wanted to become a seed collector. His grandfather who once could save seeds from his cotton yield had to buy seeds every year Nasir wanted to learn about preserving seeds to save money.

3. Rohit: Rohit seemed to be an explorer who wanted to see the world. The interesting places for him were
New Zealand, South America, Lakshadweep, Orissa, China and Egypt. He wanted to visit the bounties of nature.

4. Surjit : The story of Serbjit is that of a sensitive child, who speak truth but the elders convince failed to understand him. He tried to convince them but he was misunderstood.

5. Dolma: Dolma is the girl with dreams and was a visionary. She wanted to be the Prime Minister of India. She was willing to help everyone and was trusted by her teachers. She wanted to find cure for diseases.

6. Peter: Peter enjoys the family outings on Sundays. He liked to go out with the whole family, watching movie, eating peanuts and ice – cream.

Who I am Part 2 Summary

The second part deals with the personality profiles and the scope of potential careers.

The information is tabulated for each personality trait. Adventurous traits can help in becoming naturalists, doctors, teachers etc. Creative people are, sensitive and would be successful as film makers, copywriters, art-ists etc.

As an engineer, one needs to be systematic, studious and he can also be, good at physics, mathematics. They can become environmental engineers, water experts etc.

For a communicator, one needs to be a confident, opinated, eloquent with interest in literature and languages.

The person may become a documentary film maker, lawyer; researchers etc. Idealist people can be NGO representatives, lawyers, Activists etc.

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