Taros Reward Summary

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Taro’s Reward Summary

Taro’s Reward Introduction

The story is of a thoughtful and loving son who looks after his parents. His dedication and thoughtfulness is rewarded by the almighty and later by the king when he heard about the incidents.

Taro’s Reward Introduction

Taro’s Reward Summary of the Lesson

Taro – A loving son

There lived a woodcutter named Taro in a village of Japan with his family. He earned his living by wood – cutting and lived on a hill side. His income was meager; he could fulfill the basic needs of the family.

One day, through the cracks of his hut cold winds shivered Taro’s father. At this Taro’s father wished for a cup of sake’, a drink to warm his body. Taro was sad as he could not afford to get the drink.

So he decided to work harder to ‘ earn more money. Next day he got up early to cut more woods. He went to drink water from a nearly fountain as he was thirsty.

He found that the taste of the water was different. Then he realized that it was sake’. He filled the pitcher with it. He brought it along and gave it to his father. After taking a sip of it, the father stopped shivering and danced a little.

That day a visitor came and Taro offered the sake to her and told the whole story about sake’. Next morning all the villagers reached there before Taro.

The village went to the waterfall with pitchers etc. But they found that it was only water. So they were very angry with Taro. Taro had to save himself from the anguish of the villagers. But when he tasted himself. It was again the same sake’.

The news reached the ears of the Emperor, Taro was rewarded by the emperor of Japan for being good and kind.

Taros Reward
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