A Game of Chance Summary Analysis and Explanation

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A Game of Chance Summary Analysis and Explanation By Arthur Wright

About the author Arthur Wright

Author Name Arthur Wright
Born 1870, Inverell, Australia
Died 19 December 1932, Manly, Australia
Books A Crooked Game, Gaming for Gold
Movies In the Last Stride, Keane of Kalgoorlie, A Rough Passage, The Loyal Rebel, Gambler’s Gold

A Game of Chance Introduction

The story tells about the simplicity and innocence of a child. He was tempted and allured by a tricky shop-keeper. The boy went back empty-handed. His uncle guided him properly by telling the truth of such deceivers.

A Game of Chance Summary of the Lesson

As it was customary there was a fair in the writer’s village on the occasion of Eid. It lasted for many days. Temporary shops of selling various kinds of goods in various sizes were set up.

Once the narrator got a chance to visit the fair with his uncle and Bhaiya. At the fair, the uncle met his friends and wanted to spend time with them. So he asked the boy to look around the fair and also instructed him not to buy anything from there.

While roaming around he went to a ‘Lucky Shop’. It was named so as anyone could try his luck. A person had to buy 6 discs of 50 paisa. An article could be won by adding the numbers of these discs.

Then come an old man, he selected 6 discs for fifty paisa and on adding he won a beautiful clock of Rs. 15 and went away happily.

Then a boy came there, to try his luck. He won a comb worth 25 paisa but returned the comb on the same price as he did not want it. Then he won a fountain pen, wrist watch but returned them all, he won a table lamb worth ? 10 and was happy at last.

All this tempted Rasheed to try his luck as well. He took consent of Bhaiya and bought 6 discs for 25 paisa. Firstly he won two pencils and then a bottle of ink. These things were of little value. Although the shopkeeper purchased them.

With the hope of winning a big prize, Rasheed went on trying his luck. The onlookers gave him looks. Some were sympathizing with him and for some he became a laughing stock.

When the uncle arrived, Bhaiya informed him an about the incident. Uncle smiled and ignored everything. He bought him an umbrella, biscuits and sweets and other gifts.

On insisting, Uncle revealed to him how he was be fooled by the shopkeeper and he also advised him to keep everything to himself, otherwise, people would laugh at his foolishness.
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