The Gymnastic Clock Summary

“The Gymnastic Clock” by M.C. Davis is a humorous poem. The poet says the little clock in his room is his friend. the clock asks him frankly each morning to do exercise by stretching your arms above his head and then bring them down very slowly. He further asks him to keep doing this exercise without stopping. Read More Class 7 English Summaries.

The Gymnastic Clock Summary

The Gymnastic Clock Summary In English

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The poem ‘The Gymnastic Clock’ is written by M.C. Davies. It was a little cock and it was friends with him. It talks to him in a very clear and plain way. Each morning as the poet rises, the clock reminds him not to forget his exercises. The clock makes an example of itself and shows the poet how to exercise. It asks the poet to raise both his hands above his head and then lower them slowly. It cautions him not to get tired and stop exercising.

It boasts that it does such exercise all day. The poet feels humiliated and defining himself says to the clock right in its face that he wouldn’t boast like the clock and like it he can also swing his arms around too. So both the clock and the poet look at each other for a long time. Now both the clock and the poet rise up early in the morning and just exercise and exercise. This poem emphasizes that man should always be active and industrious like a clock to stay healthy, wise and strong.


“The Gymnastic Clock” this poem tale ultimately celebrates the power of human creativity and the transformative effect of embracing the extraordinary in a world governed by tradition, offering a reminder that innovation and individuality can change the very fabric of our existence.

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