Tom Paints the Fence Summary

Tom Sawyer is an ordinary boy who enjoys his freedom and hates following rules. One day, he is caught by his Aunt Polly for skipping school. As a punishment, she makes him whitewash the long fence in front of their house. Read More 8th Class English Summaries.

Tom Paints the Fence Summary

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Tom Sawyer was an imaginative and mischievous boy. He was living with his Aunt Polly on the banks of the Mississippi. Aunt Polly was strict. She wanted to make Tom work on Saturday. So, she asked him to paint the fence. He unwillingly went near the fence with a brush and paint. He was very disappointed when he remembered his plans for the day, like going for swimming. He was upset with the thought that the boys would ridicule him for having work to do. Then he got a brilliant idea. He took his brush and started his work.

Then a boy named Ben Rogers came that way and told Tom that he had got to work even on a holiday. Tom pretended that he was doing that work willingly because that work would give him pleasure and he was enjoying himself in doing so. Soon, Ben begged Tom that he would help him and offered him an apple. Tom gave him the brush and Ben started painting. As Ben was painting, other boys named Billy and Johnny Miller also begged Tom to allow them too to paint. They presented him a kite and a pair of marbles in return. Thus, Tom turned the punishment into a bit of entertainment and tricked other boys to finish the work for him. The whole fence was whitewashed nicely within afternoon. When Aunt Polly saw the painted fence, she was so amazed that she gave him the best apple and allowed him to play.


Tom Sawyer’s cleverness and positive attitude turn a boring chore into a fun activity, earning him admiration from his friends and completing the task efficiently. The story highlights the power of perspective and the ability to find enjoyment in unexpected places.