Clever Tenali Ramakrishna Summary

Tenali Ramakrishna’s stories are full of wit and wisdom, and they continue to entertain and educate people of all ages. He is a reminder that with a little creativity and ingenuity, it is possible to solve even the most difficult problems. Read More 6th Class English Summaries.

Clever Tenali Ramakrishna Summary

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Chitra Varma was a great painter. On seeing his great painting, one day Srikrishna Devaraya appointed him the chief advisor. Chitra Varma accepted it unwillingly. Tenali Ramakrishna also opposed it. Thus the announcement was made in the kingdom.
As Chitra Varma had no experience in handling the court matters, the people of the kingdom became impatient and they met and requested Tenali Ramakrishna for solving the problem.

According to his plan, Ramakrishna invited the emperor to bless his son on his naming ceremony. He made all the arrangements. The emperor attended the ceremony and blessed the baby boy. Later, lunch was arranged and dishes were served. The dishes were horrible. They were not good to eat. They were not cooked properly. Then Ramakrishna brought the cook before the emperor and said that he appointed the best carpenter in the kingdom to cook dishes.

The emperor asked Ramakrishna how an excellent carpenter could become a cook. Ramakrishna replied that if a painter could be the emperor’s chief advisor, why a carpenter could not be a cook. The emperor thought and realized his mistake in appointing Chitra Varma his chief advisor. He sent Chitra Varma back to his previous job and thanked Ramakrishna. All praised Tenali Ramakrishna’s presence of mind.


Tenali Ramakrishna served as a trusted advisor to the Vijayanagara Empire, his wisdom and humor enriching the lives of those around him. His legacy lives on, inspiring us to approach challenges with a positive attitude, a sharp mind, and a touch of creativity.