The Dead Rat Summary

The Dead Rat story follows the life of an unnamed man who works as an exterminator. He is called to a home to remove a dead rat from the basement. The man finds the rat and puts it in a bag. He then takes the bag outside and throws it in the trash. Read More 8th Class English Summaries.

The Dead Rat Summary

The Dead Rat Summary in English

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Madananka was a young merchant living in Ujjain. As he lost his father, his mother brought him up with great affection and love. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a vagabond. Hoping he would become normal and settle down, his mother got him married to a girl but he became worse. One day he left his house deserting his mother and pregnant wife. His wife gave birth to a son and he was named Ratnanka. He too was brought up with affection and care and given good education. When he was ten, his grandmother told him to take up some business to earn their living. She advised him to go to Yakshadatta and borrow some money from him. Yakshadatta, a well-to-do merchant living in the neighbouring village, lent money to the poor but capable persons. Ratnanka met Yakshadatta and requested him to lend him some money for business. He promised Yakshadatta that he would repay the amount soon.

Yakshadatta pointed towards a dead rat and told Ratnanka that it was the capital he could lend him. He also told that an intelligent man could earn millions with that dead rat. Ratnanka took the dead rat and kept it in a cup made out of a leaf. A merchant purchased it for feeding his cat and gave him a handful of bengalgram. Ratnanka took the bengalgram home and soaked it. Then he added some salt and pepper to the bengalgram. He offered some soaked bengalgram and cold water to the hungry and thirsty woodcutters. They were pleased with his service and gave him two pieces of firewood each.

Ratnanka sold the firewood away for two rupees in the city. He gave one rupee to his grandmother towards savings and purchased bengalgram with the other rupee. Again he offered soaked bengalgram and cold water to the woodcutters. In this way he collected many cart-loads of fuel within a month. When there was scarcity of firewood in the city, he sold the firewood and earned a hundred gold coins. He became one of the leading merchants in that city within two years. Then he wanted to show his gratitude to Yakshadatta. He got a rat made of gold and carried it in a procession to the residence of Yakshadatta. Ratnanka told Yakshadatta his success story and requested him to accept the golden rat as repayment of the loan and also as a token of his gratitude. Yakshadatta was pleased with the intelligence and gratitude of Ratnanka.


The boy met the merchant who scorned at him and showed him a dead rat. The merchant told the boy to sell the rat and earn money to start his business. The boy did as he was told and proceeded towards home. On the way, a man bought the rat for his cat and gave the boy some money who bought some grains with it