The Swan and The Princes Lesson Summary

“The Swan and The Princes” is a timeless fairy tale that imparts valuable lessons about the transformative power of love and the importance of inner beauty. Through the enchanting story of a swan and two princes, the narrative explores themes of compassion, kindness, and the true nature of nobility. Read More Class 8 English Summaries.

The Swan and The Princes Lesson Summary

The Swan and The Princes Lesson Summary in English

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Suddodhana was the king of Kapila Vastu, Siddhartha was his son and the prince of Kapilavastu. Dev Datt was Siddartha’s cousin. Once Siddhartha and Dev Datt were playing in the garden. Dev Datt shot a swan and it fell on ground. Siddhartha saw this and washed its wound, applied medicine and saved its life.

After that the two boys quarreled over whom the swam belongs to each one claimed the swan’s ownership. Dev Datt claimed that the swan belonged to him as he had shot it down. But Siddhartha claimed that the swan belonged to him as he had saved its life. They could not decide the ownership of the swan.

So Dev Datt came to Suddodhana’s court to get justice and explained the matter. The King called Siddhartha and asked about the matter. Dev Datta claimed the swan because he shot it and Siddhartha argued that the swan belongs to him because he protected and saved its life. Both were correct. How to give judgment, so the king asked the help of his Chief Minister. The Chief Minister thought a plan and said to both the boys. The swan will decide the case.

First, they put the swan on the stool and Dev Datt was asked to call the Swan. He did it, but the swan trembled and cried with fear. Next Siddhartha went near the swan and consoled it and said it need not fear, then the swan flew up and sat on his arms. The Chief Minister said to King that swan had decided the case. All accepted the judgment that the swan belonged to prince Siddharta.


In conclusion, “The Swan and The Princes” beautifully conveys the message that true beauty lies within, and love has the power to transform even the most unlikely of individuals. Through the swan’s journey and the transformation of the princes, readers are reminded that kindness, compassion, and genuine love are the qualities that make one truly noble, transcending outward appearances and prejudices.

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