All The World Her Stage Summary

“All the World Her Stage” is a gripping novel that follows the extraordinary life of a young actress, vividly portraying the challenges and triumphs of her journey through the world of theater. With a backdrop of dramatic performances and personal struggles, the story unveils the indomitable spirit of the protagonist as she navigates the complexities of the stage and life itself. Read More Class 8 English Summaries.

All The World Her Stage Summary

All The World Her Stage Summary in English

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This lesson is a short life-sketch of Sai Paranjpye, a famous theater personality from Pune. When she was 6-7 years girl, skipping along with an elderly gentleman. That gentleman was her grand-father Sir R.P.Paranjpye. He was India’s first senior wrangler. She lost her parents at a young age. She was looked after by her grandfather. She grew up with her grandfather. She called him as Appa. Appa put simple mathematical questions and fables to her. The fables are fairy tales, Arabian Nights, and Birbal’s stories. She liked only stories, not mathematics.

One day Sai asked her Appa to tell a story but he asked her to tell a story. She agreed. She told a fairy tale with dragons, princesses, talking parrots, hidden gold, etc on her own. After hearing the story Appa asked where she had read it. She said that she had made up the story. He was very much impressed. From that day onwards it continued and it was the beginning of a wonderful world of creativity. At that time she was 8 years old. She had published her first book of fairy tales “Mulancha Mera”. Her love for books grew with her. She learned to respect books from her Appa.

Sai was too fat and her mates made fun of her and criticized that she is not fit for any games. Meanwhile, she thought of a plan and called her mates and told a story of magic is¬land full of hidden treasure. They were also ready to take roles and act as she directed.

She was fascinated by dolls wedding, It is a traditional game in Maharashtra. One day Sai’s mother arranged a doll’s wedding. Sai became the bride’s “mother”. The ‘mother ’ that day, so fond of drama, grew up to become filmmaker and theater personality.


In the culmination of “All the World Her Stage,” the protagonist’s relentless pursuit of her passion and her unwavering dedication to her craft illustrate the enduring power of determination and the transformative nature of the performing arts.

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