The Boy Who Asked for More Summary

“The Boy Who Asked for More” is a classic tale that explores themes of social injustice and the quest for better conditions. The story follows an orphan named Oliver Twist as he seeks more nourishment and compassion in the harsh world of the workhouse. Read More Class 8 English Summaries.

The Boy Who Asked for More Summary

The Boy Who Asked for More Summary in English

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‘Oliver Twist’ is a very famous and popular story throughout the world. The reader never forgets this story which is most memorable and touched deeply. This lesson is an “extract from “Oliver Twist’.

Oh er was born to a poor woman in the poor- house of a little country town on a cold black night in the winter of 1837. A doctor attended Iris birth who was hastily called for the purpose.

His mother died as soon as the baby took his first breath. She was a young, good-looking woman and died on the street. It was clear that she had walked some distance before she died. Nobody knew her.

The baby cried loudly. If he could have known that he was now an orphan of a poor house, it is likely that he would have cried still louder.

Mr. Bumble called this baby as Oliver Twist. He was the town office and had full authority of the poorhouse. He thought himself a very great man and strayed and ill-treated the children. Oliver was pale, thin child at his ninth birthday. He had hardly known a kind word or any kindly look. His friends were his companions in misery. In the end, they brought him trouble. They persuaded him to ’ask for more’.

One evening at supper time as usual the master was serving the food to the children. He was serving a small bowl to watery grauel. The food was not enough for the boys because they had an excellent appetite. One of the bigger boys said to Master that unless he had an extra bowl of grauel, he would certainly eat the boy who slept next to him. So the smaller boys believed him. A council was held. Oliver Twist
w as appointed to ask for more.

After the boys swallowed their food, they forced Oliver to go. He went to master and asked in a little frightened voice, “Please sir, I want some more”. The master was fat healthy man, he said what’ he could not believe his ears.

The master aimed a blow at the head, seized him by his arms and shouted for the beadle (officer). Mr Bumble rushed and heard of Oliver’s crime. He claimed ’Asked for more’. I never heard of such a thing, this miserable boy will be hung !.

As a punishment, Oliver was locked in a room to spend the whole night alone. Early next morning a notice was posted on the gate offering a reward of five pounds to any man or woman who would take Oliver Twist from that orphanage.


In conclusion, “The Boy Who Asked for More” is a timeless narrative that highlights the plight of the underprivileged and the courage to question injustice. Oliver Twist’s journey serves as a reminder of the enduring importance of empathy, equality, and the pursuit of a fairer society.

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