The Shepherds Treasure Summary

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The Shepherd’s Treasure Summary

The Shepherd’s Treasure Introduction

The lesson describes how the honesty and simplicity of the shepherd had made him win the king’s heart and of even the jealous courtiers. The moral is that one should be humble and honest, whatever the circumstances may be.

The Shepherd’s Treasure Summary of the Lesson

The story describes the extraordinary and exemplary life of an ordinary shepherd, who lives in a village of Iran. He was poor and had a small cottage. Although he was illiterate, but he was wise. He was compassionate and advice people judiciously.

His fame reached to the ears of the king of the country who decided to meet him in disguise. He came to the cave as a shepherd riding on a mule who was welcomed by the shepherd and was offered meal and water.

The king was highly impressed with the generosity and hospitality of the shepherd. The king was astonished to know when he addressed him Tour Majesty1.

Impressed with his humility, the king appointed him to be the governor of a small district. The people admired him for his wisdom and kindness. Soon other governors became jealous of his popularity and called him dis¬honest. They accused him of keeping the tax money with him in an iron chest.

Although reluctantly, the king called him to his court. King also observed that the new governor keep the iron chest along with him. When summoned to the court, the new governor came riding on his camel with a tightly fastened iron chest on its back.

Then, the king asked him about the iron chest. The people were also eagerly waiting for the box to be opened. The governor with a smile on his face, asked his servants to open the chest.

To everyone’s surprise, an old blanket was taken out of it. Everyone expected it to be filled with gold or silver jewels. This revelation was shocking and surprising to everyone.

On asking the reason of carrying a blanket, the shepherd replied that it is his old friend and will always protect him. He said that the blanket would be with him even if his royal robe was taken off.

His humility and wisdom pleased the king and shunned the jealous governors. The king rewarded his honesty by making him a Governor of a bigger state.
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