The Old-Clock Shop Summary

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The Old-Clock Shop Summary

The Old-Clock Shop Introduction

The story is a recount of the meeting of a shop-owner and two thieves. The old man dealt so wisely and changed the two men completely. Thus a person can influence lives if he is able to handle the difficult situation.

The Old-Clock Shop Summary of the Lesson

On the Christmas eve, when Ray, an old-clock shop owner was about to close his shop, two men entered at the last minute. Soon he realised that their intention was not to buy any watch rather they might rob him.

By some gestures, he conveyed that he was deaf, and couldn’t hear. He put forward a message written on a note pad. Realising his deformity the intruder cunningly smiled.

However, it seems they were trying their luck for the first time and later might be sorry for their behavior. Now Ray made a move and informed them about a deal in which he offered loan on used watches.

Indeed he was a kind-hearted person and often gave loans more than the genuine price. He further added that if the owner wants his clock or watch, he returned them at the same price without any interest.

The customers were convinced with the generosity of the old man and took out a watch and asked about the loan, he could offer.

Ray noticed regret in the eyes of the men and asked about his offer. Whereas the man in return wanted to know about the actual worth of it.

Realising the grim situation, Ray pulled out a fifty-dollar note from his cash box and handed over to the man. The man was obliged and seemed contented as the watch was overpriced.

He wrote that he would come to take back his watch and wished Ray. “Merry Christmas!”.

The Christmas message of peace and brotherhood is spread by Ray and his goodwill is experienced by the two men.
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