The Monkey and the Crocodile Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Monkey and the Crocodile Summary Analysis and Explanation By

Paul Galdone

About the author Paul Galdone

Author Name Paul Galdone
Born 2 June 1907, Budapest, Hungary
Died 7 November 1986, Nyack, New York, United States
Education The Art Students League of New York
Awards Caldecott Medal
Paul Galdone - the monkey and the crocodile summary analysis and explanation
Paul Galdone

The Monkey and the Crocodile Introduction

Trust in friendship is the main theme of the story. Two people can be friends if the bond of friendship and faith is established. Duping anyone will break their bond forever. Crocodile intimidated monkey who used his intellect and thus saved himself.

The Monkey and the Crocodile Summary of the Lesson

A monkey lived on a fruit-laden tree on the bank of the river. He lived a contented life yet something was missing. He had no companion to talk to and share the fruits. Then he met a crocodile. He offered him fruits. Crocodile responded well and told him about himself and his wife. The monkey offered him fresh fruits plucked from nearby branches.

Crocodile liked the taste and asked if he could have some fruits on his next visit. The monkey assured him that he would offer fruits to him and for his wife too. The friendship between them grew stronger day by day.

The crocodile often visited him and enjoyed the delicious fruits. They enjoyed talking to each other and discussed about birds, animals, villagers, crops, etc.

But their friendship was snapped. One day, when the crocodile came home late, his wife was annoyed. She shouted at him and asked about his friend. He replied that the monkey is his friend who sent fruits for her.

She wanted to eat his heart. Crocodile rebuked her for such a foolish idea. She was furious and dived to hide herself in deep water. Crocodile was in dilemma because both were important to him. He prioritised his wife over friend.

He told her that he would invite monkey for a meal. Monkey agreed to crocodile’s proposal. He asked crocodile to take him home on his back as he did not know swimming at all. In the middle of the river, he revealed the truth. He told him that his wife would eat out his heart.

The monkey realised the danger still kept his cool. He made an excuse that he didn’t bring his heart along. He then persuaded him to return to the tree to bring back his heart.

When the monkey reached at the river bank, he jumped on a branch and threw some fruits for crocodile’s wife. He broke the friendship forever. Crocodile was disheartened for losing his friend and went back home quietly.
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