The Shed Summary Analysis and Explanation

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The Shed Summary Analysis and Explanation By Frank Flynn

About the Poet Frank Flynn

Poet Name Frank Flynn
Born 6 December 1906, Sydney, Australia
Died 29 July 2000
Books The Living Heart, Northern Gateway, Rebuilding the Beacon: Point Smith, Port Essington
Frank Flynn - short summary of the poem the shed class 7
Frank Flynn

The Shed Summary of the Poem

Francis Stanislaus ‘Frank’ Flynn was born in 1906 in Sydney and died in 2000. By profession, he was an Australian doctor, author, and Missionary priest.

The motive of the poem seems to make learners know about ‘The shed’ and its significance. The rhythm and richness of language is impressive. The poet talks about a shed in his garden.

The horrific looks repel him from entering it. The rusty and dusty windows, broken window panes, spider’s web in every comer, scary stories of presence of ghosts have scared the poet. Yet he promises himself to visit the shed in the coming years.

There was a shed near the house of the poet. It scared him to tell when he passes by it. The door was covered with hanging spider’s webs. The door hinges were rusty because it was weather-beaten.

It created a creaky sound while closing or opening of the door. The poet listened to the sound while lying in the bed. Yet the poet decided to open a door to witness everything by himself.

He further described that windows were dusty and window panes were cracked. The poet realized that someone stared at him whenever he passes through the shed. He decided to open the gate one day.

His brother tried to scare him away by telling him that a ghost hides under the rotten floor boards. He would jump off on the head of the poet. Yet the poet did not let his confidence lose.

The poet knew that the ghost did not exist in the shed. Rather his elder brother used the shed as his den. The child realized the truth so he could not be fooled by his brother anymore. He dared to visit the shed one day. He still waited to realize for the right time to come.

The Shed Summary of the Poem

What is the summary of the poem the shed?

Explanation The shed has a dusty old window on its side. Three glass panes of the window are broken. Whenever, the poet passes through the shed, he gets the feeling as if someone was staring at him. To find out, the poet wishes to peep inside the shed.

The Shed Summary Analysis and Explanation By Frank Flynn

What is the central idea of the shed?

The central idea of the poem ‘The Shed’ is rationality and fearlessness . The poem teaches us that we should not believe in baseless and imaginative stories about ghosts and other supernatural creatures as these stories are mostly used by people for their own benefit.

Where does the ghost hide himself?

Solution: According to the speaker’s brother, the ghost hid himself under the rotten floorboards of the shed.

Who is the speaker in the poem shed?

poet Frank Flynn
Ans: (i) The speaker of the poem is poet Frank Flynn when he was a small boy. (ii) She/He was curious not afraid as she/he always peep through that window and ready to take a peek one day. (iii) She/he is planning to go inside the shed soon

Why does the child want to get in the shed?

He wants to find out what is inside the shed. At the same time, he is afraid because he thinks that strange voices could be heard from here and there is possibly a ghost who lives inside the Shed. He/She plans to go inside the shed after some day soon..

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