Meadow Surprise Summary Analysis and Explanation

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Meadow Surprise Summary Analysis and Explanation By Lois Brandt Phillips

About the Poet Lois Brandt Phillips

Poet Name Lois Brandt Phillips
Born 15 June 1942 Lowell, Massachusetts
Died 16 March 1900
Occupation Poet, writer, playwright
Nationality American
lois brandt phillips - meadow surprise summary analysis and explanation
Lois Brandt Phillips

Meadow Surprise Summary of the Poem in English

Lois Brandt Phillips is the author of decorative painting using nature.

The poem portrays the blessings of nature. Meadows that are full of novelties, the richness of beauty, bounties of flora and fauna. A keen observer and soulful listener can enjoy the lustrous, greenery around. Whenever he is close to the nature.

Meadows offer vastness and bountiful surprises to the onlookers. One can experience an ecstatic walk on the soft grass. Even the soft sound coming out of nearby brook soothes the listener when it reaches his ears.

One could see a butterfly that rests upon a buttercup ripping and sipping nectar from it. A rabbit may go unnoticed as it is a shy and delicate animal. One can see it when comes out from its hideout and hops.

Dandelion seeds are like little parachutes that fly away with the wind. Its golden petals turn into silver seeds that are driven away with the wind.

Meadows are home to many other animals and insects. Ants make homes called as the amazing mound. Birds make nest beneath shrubs and grasses. The fascinating burrows are dug in the ground.

The poet is amused by the enchanting unexplored horizons of meadows. The poet wants the reader to be observant and patient listeners to enjoy the overwhelming beauty of the nature.
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