Dad and the Cat and the Tree Summary Analysis and Explanation

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Dad and the Cat and the Tree Summary Analysis and Explanation By Kit Wright

About the Poet Kit Wright

Poet Name Kit Wright
Born 17 June 1944 (age 75 years), Crockham Hill, United Kingdom
Education Berkhamsted Boys School, University of Oxford
Awards Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize, Hawthornden Prize, Cholmondeley Award
Nationality British
Kit Wright - dad and the cat and the tree summary analysis and explanation class 7
Kit Wright

Dad and the Cat and the Tree Summary of the Poem in English

Kit Wright was born in 1944 in Crockam Britain. He is known for being a poet and children’s author. He worked as a lecturer in Canada.

The poem is a humorous illustration of the actions of elders. Father boastfully climbed on the tree to save a cat. However, he became a subject of mockery for the bystanders. The rhyming scheme is ab CB is followed in the poem. The poet successfully told a story in a humorous and lyrical way.

The poet speaks of an incident when a cat got stuck up in the tree in his garden. Poet’s father assures that he will do that. The tree is tall and soft, not very firm. The poet’s mom warned him, but ignoring her warnings he climbed the ladder, slipped and fell.

He cleaned his face, hair, and dress with a thought of trying again. To which mom again questioned about his safety. Father ridiculed the mother and called it a funny joke.

However, when he swung himself, the branch broke and he told again with a thud sound. Mom tried again to intervene and asked to stop for it might harm his neck. Dad was infuriated yet moved ahead with plan C.

For him, the task was as easy as winking. He leaped and climbed up again on the garden wall. This time he did not fall rather he landed on the cat. The cat safely landed on the ground.

Although it shrieked when dad fell on her but now she was contented for being safe. It smiled but dad got stuck up on the ree, he wanted to be a savior of the cat and turned out to be a laughing stock. This is how it turned out to be a humours poem.
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