The Rainbow Summary

“The Rainbow” is a novel written by British author D.H. Lawrence, published in 1915. It is a significant work in Lawrence’s literary career, exploring themes of love, relationships, and societal expectations. Read More Class 6 English Summaries.

The Rainbow Summary

The Rainbow Summary in English

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The given poem The Rainbow’ is penned by the English poet Christina Rossetti. She has written a variety of romantic, devotional, and children’s poems.

In the given poem, The Rainbow’ the poet describes the Rainbow comparing it to a bridge to heaven. The poet says that it is pretty beautiful to watch the boats sailing in the rivers and the ships sailing on the seas. But the clouds that sail across the sky are for prettier than these.

There are many bridges on the rivers that are built very artistically. But the bridge that catches the eye of the poet is the bow that bridges heaven. This bridge looms over the treetops and builds a road from the earth to the sky, i.e, the beautiful ‘rainbow’. This beautiful bridge. The Rainbow’ is far prettier than all the other man-made bridges.


In conclusion, “The Rainbow” is a profound exploration of human relationships and the evolving societal norms of the early 20th century. D.H. Lawrence’s novel delves deeply into the complexities of love, desire, and the tension between individual freedom and societal constraints.

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