‘What I Want for You and Every Child’ – A Letter from Obama to His Daughters Summary

“What I Want for You and Every Child” is a heartfelt letter penned by former U.S. President Barack Obama to his daughters, Malia and Sasha. In this touching letter, Obama reflects on his hopes and aspirations for not only his own children but for all children around the world. Read More Class 6 English Summaries.

‘What I Want for You and Every Child’ – A Letter from Obama to His Daughters Summary

‘What I Want for You and Every Child’ – A Letter from Obama to His Daughters Summary in English

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The given lesson ‘What I want for you and every child. A letter from Obama to his daughters; is a tender, beautiful and emotional leter written by former President of America, Barack Obama to his daughters Malia (7 years) and Sasha (aged 7). He tells his children why he decided to contest for the president’s post. He also tells us what he wants for his children.

President Barack Obama addresses his daughters Malia and Sasha, he writes that both of them had a lot of fun in the past two years when he was campaigning all over America. Both of them had been to picnics, parades and state fairs.

They had eaten all sorts of junk food that their parents would not have allowed them to eat. He feels sad because he could not spend much time with them and that he had missed them all the time for the past two years.

He writes that he has decided to tell them why he had taken the family oh the journey. He recalls his younger days and that he thought life was all about himself and to become successful. But after Malia and Sasha were born he realised that his own life wouldn’t count for much unless he was able to ensure that they had every opportunity for happiness and fulfillment.

So he decided to run for president, because of what he wanted for his children and for every other child of America.
Obama writes that he wants all children to go to schools worthy of their potential – schools that challenge and inspire the children. He wants them to go to college even if they cannot offered college education, he wants them to get job that pay well. Jobs that give health benefits and allow them to spend time with their own children and retire with dignity.

Obama writes about his visions. He visualizes that the children will live to see new technologies and inventions that improve living standards and make the earth clean and safe. He wants his children to reach beyond, the division of race and region, gender and religion that keep all from seeing the best in each other.

Obama wirtes that he wants his children to grow up in a word with no limits to their achievements and no limits on their dreams an achievements. He wants them to grow up into compassionate, committed, women who will help build the world.

Obama wishes that every child should have the same chances to learn and dream, grew why he had taken his family on the great adventure as the president of America.

Concluding the letter he tells them that is proud of both of them and he loves them more in way that they can never know. He tells them that he is grateful every day for their patience, poise, grace, and humour as they all prepare to start their new life together in the white house.


In conclusion, “What I Want for You and Every Child” is a poignant letter that encapsulates a father’s love and the vision of a world filled with hope, compassion, and opportunity. Barack Obama’s heartfelt message to his daughters extends to every child, emphasizing the values of empathy, integrity, and the importance of making the world a better place.