The Fly Summary

“The Fly” is a short story written by Katherine Mansfield, first published in 1922. This story is known for its exploration of themes such as human mortality and the impermanence of life. In the tale, the protagonist’s encounter with a small fly triggers deep reflections on the nature of existence. Read More Class 6 English Summaries.

The Fly Summary

The Fly Summary in English

The given poem ‘The Fly’ is penned by Tony Bradman. He is the author of children’s books and is best known for the ‘Dilly the Dinosaur’ series. The given poem is written for children. It is about a troublesome and irritating Fly.

Once a fly flew into the poet’s bedroom and buzzed round his wardrobe. It sat on the windowpane, flew round the lampshade. It landed on his pillow and started walking on his nose. He puffed the fly when it came near his eyes and it started walking on the ceiling.

The buzzing sound drove the poet mad and he could not sleep at all. Round the bedpost, walking on the floor, buzzing on the door, and at last, the fly buzzed off and the poet was happy and closed his eyes to sleep. What a surprise! It is back again.


In conclusion, “The Fly” by Katherine Mansfield is a profound exploration of human mortality and the emotional impact of loss. Through the symbolism of a small fly, Mansfield delves into the theme of life’s transience and the enduring grief it can evoke.

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