The Banyan Tree Summary

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The Banyan Tree Summary

The Banyan Tree Introduction

The story described about a child’s experience when he witnessed a fight between a mongoose and a snake. The way the child makes his world in the lap of the nature in his grandparent’s house. The keen observation of the child is given expression in the lesson.

The Banyan Tree Summary of the Lesson

The narrator is sharing the experience of his childhood when he was at his grandparent’s house in Dehradun. The magnificent banyan tree with twisted roots and extended branches became a house for squirrels, butterflies, birds etc. The narrator spent his time over there spying on the surrounding area.

The child is friendly with a small grey squirrel who once resented his presence. However, It delves into his ‘ pockets for food items like cake and biscuits as the bond of trust grew between them.

During the spring, the banyan tree flourishes with a variety of birds chirping and making the house. The narrator made a resting place for himself and often read various books.

Then one quiet and bright afternoon, the child witnessed a grand fight between a mongoose and a cobra. The battle took an ugly turn when both of them fiercely attacked each other.

Both of them attacked each other with their strengths. To make the best of the opportunity myna and crow were there. They tried to attack cobra to take it away. However, the crow was hit by the snout of cobra’s head. It was badly injured and was lying dead after a few yards.

The boy witnessed the win of mongoose by its swift actions. He killed the snake. It dragged the snake into bushes, Myna followed but all its efforts go in vain so it flew away.
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