The Magic of Silk Summary

Silk, a fabric of unparalleled elegance and refinement, has captivated human imagination for centuries. Its shimmering luster, luxurious drape, and delicate texture have inspired countless works of art, fashion, and literature, establishing it as a symbol of luxury, sophistication, and beauty.

The Magic of Silk Summary

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Long ago, there lived an old woman with her daughter, Siew Mei in a hut in the forest. Her husband had been killed by a tiger, some years ago.

Siew Mei helped her mother. She did cooking and cleaning herself. They had a garden in front of their hut. Siew Mei looked after the silkworms, growing in the garden. Siew Mei made beautiful silk from the fine silk thread given by the silkworms. She sold the silk to the travellers in the village market and got money. With that money, she bought items of food and other things.

One day as Siew Mei was returning home, it started to rain heavily and it wats getting dark. So, Siew Mei ran into the first hut she saw. She found nobody in the hut. Then Siew Mei swept the dirty floor and washed the unwashed bowls and pots. She kept the hut clean and tidy. When the rain stopped, Siew Mei came out of the hut. There she saw a long-bearded old man, aged about a hundred years. The man saw the girl and looked at the clean and tidy hut. He understood what the girl had done. He was so pleased that he cut off a little of his white beard and put it in a piece of cloth. He tied it up and gave her the bundle.

The old man told Siew Mei not to give the bundle to anyone. He also told her to open the bundle at her home.

Siew Mei reached her hut with the bundle. She told her mother what had happened. Then she opened the bundle to show the old man’s beard. When the handle was opened, they were surprised to see the finest silk thread in the whole of China, in that bundle. With that finest silk thread, they made the finest silk that they had ever seen. They also noticed that the bundle of silk thread still remained exactly the same size as before.

With the luck they got, the old woman and her daughter, Siew Mei became famous and lived happily together.

By this jesson, one should know that unselfish service fetches a person fame as well as happiness. One can understand by reading this story, how the miracle happened and who the person who did the miracle might be.


In conclusion, silk’s allure extends far beyond its tangible qualities, transcending the realm of mere fabric and weaving itself into the tapestry of human culture and history. Its symbolism, deeply embedded in various traditions, speaks to its enduring significance.