Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead Summary

“Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead,” the reader is plunged into the depths of a woman’s grief as she confronts the loss of her beloved husband in battle.

Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead Summary

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A warrior died in a war. His dead body was brought home by some of his friends, the other soldiers. His wife was too sensitive. When she heard the news of her husband, she was greatly shocked. In her shock, she almost went into a typical semi-unconscious state. She neither fainted nor cried. The maidens, who were watching her, said that she would die, if she did not cry. They made all possible attempts to bring her to normal state.

They praised the warrior as worthy to be loved. Some praised him as the truest friend and the noblest foe. All their admiration and praising words of the soldier failed to bring her to her normal state. She did not speak a single word. She was totally unmoved.

A maiden made another attempt. She slowly went to the dead body and removed the face-cloth from his face. Her trial also failed. The state of the dead warrior’s wife remained the same. She did not move. She did not cry.

A nurse of ninety-years attempted. She put the child of the dead warrior in the lap of the woman. The touch of her child had a magical charm. The woman shed tears. She cried out that she would live for the sake of the child. She regained her full consciousness. She realised that she had to live to look after her child.


Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead,” the widow’s stoic silence finally shatters, revealing the depth of her anguish.