Tenali Paints a Horse Summary

Tenali Raman was a poet and jester at his court: Tenali Raman was famous for his wit and intelligence. The king’s challenge, each determined to produce a masterpiece that would capture the king’s heart and earn them a place of honor in the kingdom’s annals. They spent days meticulously sketching, blending colors, and breathing life onto their canvases, striving to capture the horse’s spirit and convey its inherent beauty.

Tenali Paints a Horse Summary

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Krishnadevaraya was the king of Vijayanagara. Tenali Raman was a poet and jester at his court: Tenali Raman was famous for his wit and intelligence. On many occasions, he made the king laugh at his jokes and witty answers.
The present drama ‘Tenali Paints a Horse’ is a proof of his wit.

One day, a great artist from another kingdom came to the court of the King. Krishnadevaraya. He showed the king his paintings. The king and all the courtiers except one were impressed with his paintings. It was only Tenali Raman who was not pleased with his paintings. The king said that the painting showed by the artist was indeed very beautiful and he could almost feel the peace of the village scene. He praised the artist and gave him a bag of gold. He asked the artist to stay in his court and paint some more beautiful paintings. Then Tenali Raman said that the paintings were not good. He said that the other side of the ‘ two men in the painting was not seen. Besides, the face of the cow, in the painting was missing. Then King Krishnadevaraya said that it was not possible for any painter to paint everything and that the missing bits in the paintings had to be imagined.

Then Tenali Raman told the king that he could paint better than the artist’s painting. King Krishnadevaraya told Tenali Raman that if he could paint a better painting, he would give him a bag of gold and the title ‘King of Artists’. He also told Raman to bring his painting in a month’s time. He said he would give Raman the paints and the paper. Tenali Raman replied he would return there after a month with his painting and show it to the king. Saying that, Raman left the court. All the other courtiers said that Raman could not paint a better painting nor would he complete and bring into the court in a month’s time.

A month’s time passed. The king was eagerly waiting with his courtiers for Tenali Raman’s return with his painting. As promised, Raman came into the court and showed the king his painting. Raman said that he had drawn the picture of a beautiful horse. Looking at the painting, the king got astonished and angrily said that he could see nothing on the canvas. Raman replied humbly that the edge of-the horse’s tail in the corner was clearly seen and that the rest of the horse was just outside the canvas grazing at some lush green grass. The rest of the horse was to be imagined because according to the king, the missing bits were to be imagined. The king understood his wit, felt happy and kept his promise to Raman.


Tenali Raman’s stories is wit, intelligence and wisdom can win over brute strength and power. Tenali Raman was a court poet in the Vijayanagara Empire who used his wit and intelligence to solve problems and get out of tricky situations.