Abou Ben Adhen Poem Summary

“Abou Ben Adhem” is a timeless and heartwarming poem that tells the story of a devout man who, in the middle of the night, discovers an angel writing down the names of those who love God. Through its simple yet profound verses, the poem celebrates the power of love and kindness, highlighting how even a simple act of compassion can earn one a high place in the eyes of the Divine. Read More Class 7 English Summaries.

Abou Ben Adhen Poem Summary

Abou Ben Adhen Summary in English

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“Abou Ben Adhem” was the poem written by Leight Hunt. This poem clearly explains that the poet who addresses himself as Ben Adhem is a strong believer in God. He believed that not only loving God but also loving people who believed that God is great.

In this poem, it shows that when Adhem saw an angel in his room one night, he was not frightened or scared, he had believed in God, and seeing an angel, he was happy. But just wanted to know, what the angel was writing down. When he was informed that the angel was making a list of people who loved God, Adhem Just wanted to know whether his name was also included. But when he was informed that his name was not there he did not feel dejected or sad. He only requested the angel to write his name on the list of people who loved God’s fellowmen.

When Adam saw the angel the next day, he enquired the purpose of the visit and he was. totally surprised and happy to know that his name was in the list df people whom God had blessed. In this list, Adhem’s name was first and all the other names followed.


“Abou Ben Adhen” poem, wrapped in the cloak of spirituality and benevolence, teaches us that acts of love and compassion transcend religious boundaries and find favor with a higher power, leaving readers with a lasting message of the universality and significance of love in our world.

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