The Blind Boy Poem Summary

“The Blind Boy” is a poignant poem by Colley Cibber, an English playwright and poet. The poem conveys the heart-wrenching story of a young blind boy who, despite his visual impairment, finds solace and happiness in the natural world.

The Blind Boy Poem Summary

The Blind Boy Poem Summary in English

Colley Cibber wrote the poem “The Blind Boy It is a short poem. The poet here described the feelings of the blind boy. The blind boy never saw the light in his life. How could he enjoy the light that he could not see? He didn’t understand the favor or happiness of the light it gave. The blind boy said that the people would say that the Sun shines brightly, but the blind boy didn’t know it. He could only feel the warmness of the Sun but not the sun or Sunlight.

The day and night are similar to him, so he said that whenever he sleeps i..e., night and whenever he wakes up i.e., day. The others showed pity and gave heavy sighs that blind boy can hear and asked why should you mourn for him. If you feel that I am unlucky, I don’t think so. I could bear this. I don’t know what I lost. I don’t bother about what I do not have. If I bother about that, I would destroy my pleasure. Forgetting all these I am a king while I sing. If you consider me as a poor blind boy but I feel like a king and happy with what I have.


In conclusion, Colley Cibber’s “The Blind Boy” is a touching ode to the indomitable human spirit and the capacity to find beauty and happiness in the midst of life’s challenges. The poem underscores the power of imagination and the sensory experience, emphasizing that the blind boy, through his heightened senses and innate wonder, perceives a world of joy and delight that is often missed by those with sight.