Ballad of the Tempest Poem Summary

“Ballad of the Tempest” is a poem by James T. Fields, an American author and publisher. In this narrative poem, Fields recounts a dramatic and perilous sea voyage through vivid and descriptive language. Read More Class 10 English Summaries.

Ballad of the Tempest Poem Summary

Ballad of the Tempest Poem Summary in English

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“Ballad of the Tempest” was written by James Thomas Fields. Once a ship was caught by the violent storm. In this poem, the poet describes the situation and condition of the sailors. The poem is a ballad and it is one of the poet’s masterpiece. Here the speaker of the poem is the Sailor. Really voyage on the sea is an adventurous task. Here the poem starts in which the sailors had to face great danger. The ship was caught by the violent storm at midnight. All the sailors had crowded in the cabin.

Though it was midnight no one dared to sleep. All were frightened. The storm was very deep. It was fearful because it was winter season. The ship was to break apart by the gust of wind. The sailors heard the rattling sound of the trumpet and someone thundered to cut away the mast. All sailors were in silence out of fear. Even the strongest brave person had held his breath. The sea was roaring like a hungry lion. The large turbulent waves talked with death and moving towards the land. All were sitting in darkness.

Everyone was praying God for their safety. At that moment the captain shouted that they were lost When he was coming unsteadily down the stairs, his little daughter by her innocent heart whispered. She took her father’s cold hands and said that the God upon the ocean was the same as on land isn’t it? By hearing her talk all got some hope and prayed the God earnestly. All were kissed the little maiden. Suddenly the astonishing change occurs, and the sailors anchored the ship safely in harbour. The morning in the sky was shining very clearly. The danger which comes like a mountain could disappear like sand. Fortune favours the brave. God is everywhere but man has faith in him.


In conclusion, James T. Fields’ “Ballad of the Tempest” is a gripping and evocative portrayal of the harrowing experience of sailors in the midst of a violent sea tempest. The poem effectively captures the intensity and danger of the maritime journey, portraying the resilience and courage of those who battle the forces of nature.