Dear Mum Summary

“Dear Mum, I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain a few things in detail and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the topics we have been discussing.”

Dear Mum Summary

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The poet says that some naughty children do naughty things both at home and at school. They cover their mistakes pr faults cleverly and nicely.

In this poem, a naughty boy made mischief when her mother was not at home. When she returned, before her mother’s asking him why he had done those things, the boy began to tell his mother the reasons for various happenings in the house during her absence. He said that while she was out, a cup went and broke itself. A crack appeared in the blue vase. He did not turn on the tap but mysteriously the sink overflowed. He also expressed his surprise on how the cat managed to turn on the washing machine (especially from inside) or how the self-raising flour’ managed to self-raise. He said he was terribly afraid when a series of muddy footprints appeared on the new white carpet. He said he was not the cause of all these happenings and that he was good and honest. He said that he thought that the house was haunted, by ghosts, when he had gone over to his grandmother.


In the closing lines of the poem, the child reiterates their innocence, asserting their honest and trustworthy nature despite the evidence to the contrary. The poem concludes with the child’s plea for understanding, hoping that their mother will recognize their genuine affection and overlook the chaos they have caused in her absence.