Grabbing Everything on the Land Summary in English

“Grabbing Everything on the Land,” she paints a vivid and haunting picture of the devastating impact of a tsunami. The poem opens with the ominous image of a giant hand rising from the ocean, a metaphor for the unstoppable force of the approaching wave.

Grabbing Everything on the Land Summary

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Lily Usher presents in detail the terrible destructive power of ocean tides in her poem “Grabbing Everything on the Land”. The wave came like a giant hand felling trees and crushing homes. It destroyed everything in sight and no one could escape from it. The hand was born in the ocean and got its strength from the rocks underneath. Everyone was surprised to see the waves coming towards them like fast running white horses, smashing everything on their way. Crashing, crushing, crunching, and cutting was everywhere. Death danced all around. The few who managed to escape understood what ’tsunami1 meant.


“Grabbing Everything on the Land,” the aftermath of the tsunami is laid bare. The once vibrant landscape is reduced to a desolate wasteland, littered with debris and the remnants of lives shattered.