A Havoc of Flood Summary in English

Andhra Pradesh, India, a catastrophic flood wreaked havoc on the unsuspecting town. The relentless downpour, fueled by the monsoon season, transformed the once tranquil Thungabhadra and Handri Niva rivers into raging torrents, unleashing their fury upon the unsuspecting populace.

A Havoc of Flood Summary

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Water, water everywhere! 10 feet deep even in houses! For three or four days! Dead bodies of cattle and people, damaged houses, breached bunds, deafening cries for help, rescue, and relief teams that was the scene in Kurnool district on 28 September 2009. Continuous downpour during the night brought floods into the city and other villages. Never before in the known history was there such a heavy downpour. Floods from the Thungabhadra, the Handri Niva rivers added to the gravity. Lakhs of people lost their shelters. Loss of lives and property was at shocking levels. Government stepped in at once. The services of the Army, Navy and Disaster Management Agencies were sought. Helicopters, inflatable boats, fibre glass boats and other equipment were pressed into use. Voluntary organisations, institutions, individuals and philanthropists joined the relief operations. Camps for homeless were organised. Food, water, blankets, milk and medicines were distributed among victims. One Ms. Rajeswari 40 exhibited rare courage in rescuing herself and her four children. She expressed her gratitude to all those who helped her during their intense suffering.


Flood is one of the most dangerous natural disasters. It happens when excessive water is collected in any area. It usually happens due to heavy rainfall. India is highly prone to flood. There are many regions in the country that face this natural disaster because of the overflowing of rivers.

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