The Snake Catcher Summary

A snake handler is a person who professionally handles and works with snakes. Snake handlers typically work in snake farms alongside herpetologists, and as zookeepers and in animal control services. Read More 6th Class English Summaries.

The Snake Catcher Summary

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Once there was a snake catcher in Iraq. He was a snake charmer and it was his livelihood. One day he went into the snowy mountains to search for a new kind of snake. He found a powerful and terrible dragon that seemed quite dead in frozen snow. It looked very attractive and he thought he would earn from that snake. He brought it down in a bundle.

Later he started his show in a bazaar in a town. He announced that he killed the terrible snake and brought it to show them. People gathered curiously to watch it. As it was a hot day, the dragon moved slowly from its frozen state. Soon it burst forth from the bundle and came out. On seeing the terrible snake coming alive, people ran away from it in panic. The mighty serpent ate the people in its path and entwined itself around a pillar. It killed and ate the snake catcher also.


The snake catcher’s journey, we are reminded of the intricate connections that bind us to the creatures around us, urging us to approach even the most formidable challenges with a blend of knowledge, courage, and respect.