Can’t Climb Trees Any More Summary in English

Can’t Climb Trees Anymore,” the protagonist, an adult man, revisits his childhood home, now owned by a colonel. As he wanders through the familiar surroundings, a flood of memories washes over him, transporting him back to the carefree days of his youth.

Can’t Climb Trees Any More Summary

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Ruskin Bond is a famous writer for children. He is fond of writing about the bond between nature and man. “Can’t Climb Trees Any More” is an example. A middle aged man looks at a house, the trees and flower plants in the yard from outside. A young girl of about 12 comes there and asks him what he is looking at. He replies that he is looking at the house. She very innocently asks him if he wants to buy that. He says they lived there twenty five years ago and he just felt like seeing their old house.

The little girl invites him in. To prove that he is still young, he climbs the wall but gasps. With the help of the girl, he climbs down. They sit on a stone bench. The man recollects his childhood days. He recollects his grandmother’s words that trees would bless those living in their shade. He says that he used to store his treasures in a hole in the jackfruit branch.

An Iron Cross is among his treasures. He says it must be still in the hole. The girl asks if he will check. He says he can’t climb trees any more. The girl climbs the tree, finds the cross and gives it to the man. But the man gives it back to the girl saying that he has come there not for his cross but for his youth. So saying he walks briskly remembering the young girl’s lively features!


In the story’s conclusion, the protagonist reflects on his journey back to his childhood home. He realizes that while he cannot reclaim the physical act of climbing trees, he can still recapture the spirit of his youth by embracing the memories and emotions it evokes.