The River (Poem) Summary in English

This river, a silent yet powerful presence, has borne witness to the passage of time, its waters reflecting the changing seasons and the lives of those who dwell along its banks. It has been a source of sustenance, a means of transportation, a place of recreation, and a source of inspiration for generations.

The River (Poem) Summary

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In this poem the journey of a river is compared to the life journey of a man. As there are many stages in the life span of a man, there are many stages in the journey of the river. In the beginning the river shines and overflows on the small pebbles just like a child dances and plays actively. It flows past the flowers and leaves.

In the second stage the river flows fast through rough and smooth places. It makes louder sounds. It jumps and struggles in its journey. It appears to be in its full youth just like a man in youth.

In the third stage the river seems to be broad and deep. It appears to be still in youth. It seems to be peaceful. It flows towards the ocean. It seems to be experiencing an important part of its life journey just like a grown-up man in peace with broad and wide thinking.

In the last stage the river appears to be with the head first and the rest of the body following it. It runs and rushes into the sea. It sails into the sea. It makes no sounds. It silently disappears as an old man passes away. It seems to have its life in continuation.


The river is also a source of inspiration for artists, poets, and musicians. Its beauty has been captured in countless paintings, poems, and songs. Its rhythmic flow has inspired dancers and choreographers. Its power has captivated storytellers and filmmakers.