Avoid Plastics Summary

The issue of plastic pollution has become a global environmental concern due to the adverse impact of plastics on ecosystems and human health. Taking steps to reduce and ultimately avoid the use of plastics is essential for a sustainable future. Read More Class 7 English Summaries.

Avoid Plastics Summary

Avoid Plastics Summary In English

Avoid Plastics Summary In English 1 Avoid Plastics Summary In English 2
“Avoid Plastics” is the lesson in which we should learn more about plastics. The author says that it is the right time to say no to plastic. Why? Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance and it causes great threat to the environment.

Everyone is familiar with plastic in one way or the other. Everywhere we can see plastics and it has become part and parcel of our life. Alexander Parkes created the first man-made plastic. It was first demonstrated in the International Exhibition in London. Parkesine was its first name. Inexpensive, long sting, easy to make, colourful, molded into any shape we desire are the major properties of plastic made it to wide and common use. It is thin and light, so it is widely used to carry bags and packing materials. People dispose of plastic everywhere causing environmental hazards. They remain in the soil since it is non- biodegradable.

The production and disposal of plastic cause serious damage to the environment. So the usage of plastic should be minimized. A single plastic sheet can take thousands of years to rot. It can affect the food chain. It is one of the main cause of global warming. The waste plastic dumped in the river cause water pollution, it can affect marine life. Those who are getting profit from plastic are trying to oppose the harm that it causes. We can’t completely stop the use of plastic but minimize its production and use. It is necessary for a healthy future.


In conclusion, minimizing plastic consumption and embracing eco-friendly alternatives is a crucial endeavor to mitigate the detrimental effects of plastic pollution. By collectively reducing our reliance on plastics, we can work towards a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations.

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