A Birthday Present Nehru to his Daughter Summary

“A Birthday Present Nehru to his Daughter” summary explores the deep affection and fatherly wisdom contained in the letter, as Nehru imparts his hopes, advice, and aspirations for his daughter’s future. It is a moving testament to the profound bond between a father and his child, offering insights into the life of one of India’s most influential leaders through the lens of his role as a caring father. Read More Class 7 English Summaries.

A Birthday Present Nehru to his Daughter Summary

A Birthday Present Nehru to his Daughter Summary In English

Birthday Present

The present extract is taken from the letters of Nehru’s “Glimpses of world History”. Here Nehru wrote to his daughter Indira Priyadarshini on her 13th birthday. Usually giving the presents and blessings on birthday are common. But Nehru was in Naini prison, he couldn’t give present, only blessings. So he wished her and gave her such a beautiful present ie., letter. This was a gift to mind and spirit. The high walls of the prison could not stop this type of gift.

Nehru not only gave advice his intention was to discuss the matter and while talking with others, the truth comes Out. He wants to share his opinion with her daughter though she was young. Nehru always thought the best way of doing right. It is not by giving a speech.

The world is so wide and big, many wonderful and mysterious things are there. If somebody thought that he had learned. everything, that is foolish and over estimation. If there is nothing more to learn, In that case they missed the joy of discovery and learning new things. Nehru blessed of daughter to grow up into brave soldier in India’s service.

In the above letter we can see the compassion Nehru was outpouring towards his daughter. He was fed up with monotony of prison life. To write the letters to his daughter was purposeful. Nehru’s affection, inner resource, devotion to his daughter made him strong. These are best written letter and most popular in the world today.


This chapter shows us a great man’s fatherly love for his daughter, as well as his wisdom. Nehru’s letters to Indira give him strength while he is in jail, and they also help in her education. Nehru’s devotion to his daughter is really touching.