Pandora’s Box Summary

“Pandora’s Box” is a captivating Greek myth that serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of curiosity and human nature. In this summary, we’ll delve into the myth’s origins and its central character, Pandora, who unwittingly releases chaos and affliction upon the world by opening a forbidden box. Read More Class 7 English Summaries.

Pandora’s Box Summary

Pandora’s Box Summary in English

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This is one of the ancient tales. Everything on the earth was beautiful, bright and everyone was happy since the world was young. In nature, the Sun shined brightly and fruits and flowers grew everywhere. Epimetheus, a lovely boy lived at the time. He had everything except a companion The messenger wearing a winged cap named Mercury came with Pandora, a beautiful girl. Epimetheus welcomed her with great Joy.

Both were very happy. One evening Mercury came again with a huge box. Pandora was very curious to know what was in the box. But mercury refused to tell, instead of that, he warned them not to open the box until he should call for it again. Epimetheus called Pandora to play with him. But Pandora was not interested to go to play, she was curious to see what was in the box.

When Epimetheus went to play, Pandora went up, very close to the box, and examined it. It was made of dark wood, on the top, there was a smiling face, which encouraged her to untie the cord of the huge box. Pandora heard whispers from the box. Some sad voices begged her to open the box and free them from the box. Pandora was kind and she opened the lid a little bit. All kinds of ugly singing creatures flew out and filled the room. They stung Epimetheus and Pandora.

Epimetheus spoke angrily to Pandora why did she open the lid. Both felt sorrow and pain. When they heard a sweet voice from the box, they opened the box. A small and neat fairy called Hope came and touched both. Then it flew into the world the do same thing to others.


In conclusion, the myth of Pandora’s Box serves as a timeless reminder of the human inclination towards curiosity and its repercussions. It highlights the complexities of human nature and the inextricable link between hope and suffering.

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