The Lighthouse Summary

The Lighthouse Summary

The Lighthouse Summary in English

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One day Rajiv’s father Madhav took him out on a visit to the Lighthouse. They started at 5 pm and reached the shore at 6 pm. The Lighthouse was a tall, strong building in the shape of a tower with powerful lights.
Rajiv was curious to know about the uses of lighthouses. This father explained that lighthouses help sailors to know where the land is and what place they are near. The lighthouses also warn sailors and guide them away from places dangerous to ships.

When Rajiv wanted to know how lighthouses work his father told him that modern lighthouses used powerful electric lights. Then Rajiv wanted to know about the days when there was no electricity. His father explained that wood fires would be lit in high places on the shore and a later large number of candles were lit in glass enclosures.

Mr. Madhav added that in the days before lighthouses were built, sailors got lost in the sea and there was also the danger of ships wrecking against high rocks in the dark seas, being unable to see a safe place to land. The Lighthouses guided them to safety.

When Rajiv asked Mr. Madhav when we’re the first Lighthouses built he replied that he believed that some enterprising young men might have set fire to huge logs to guide the fishermen to return to the shore safely. The fishermen were guided by the dire light to the safety of the beach. They went back home after having an Icecream.