DAV Class 7 SST Chapter 14 Notes – Regional Powers

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Regional Powers Class 7 DAV Notes

→ The weaknesses of the Delhi Sultanate paved the way for the emergence of many independent

→ kingdoms in India during the fifteenth century. Foremost among them were Vijayanagar, Bahamani, Ahom, Mewar, Marwar and Kashmir.

→ Vijayanagar kingdom was founded by the two sons of Sangam- Harihar and Bukka in 1336. It is now called Humpi.

→ Devaraya I and Devaraya II were the famous rulers of Vijayanagar empire. Krishnadevaraya was the last famous ruler of this empire. His period is considered the best and the most prestigious period.

DAV Class 7 SST Chapter 14 Notes - Regional Powers

→ The head of the Vijayanagar kingdom was the king. He was the chief of administration, army and judiciary. Vaishnavism was the main religion of the people.

→ The society was based on the Varna system. Brahmins enjoyed a respectable position. Women were respected in the society. But sati system and child-marriage were also prevalent.

→ The Bahamani kingdom was established by Hasan Gangu in 1347. He divided his kingdom into fourtarafs i.e., provinces- Gulbarga, Daulatabad, Berarand Bidar.

→ Bahamani dynasty ruled for about 175 years under 18 rulers. Feroz Shah Bahamani was the most famous ruler, who ruled from 1397 CE to 1422 CE.

→ Feroz Shah inducted Hindus in his administration. The kingdom was divided into eight tarafs, under Tarafdars. The kingdom was a cultural bridge between north and south India.

→ The Ahoms originally belonged to Mongolian tribes of Burma. They consolidated their kingdom in the eastern Brahmaputra valley. Suhungming was the famous ruler of Ahom kingdom. He made the kingdom very strong.

→ The Rajputs ruled in Mewar. Its capital was Chittor. The most famous rulers of Mewar were Rana Kumbha, Rana Sangram and Maharana Pratap.

→ Kashmir was ruled by Hindu rulers. But in the middle of fourteenth century, Shah Mirza established a Muslim rule in Kashmir and with it Hindu rule came to an end. His successors, Sikandar Shah and Zainul Abedin were the famous rulers of Kashmir.

→ Rajyas : Provinces under Vijayanagar empire.

→ Kottam : Districts under Vijayanagar empire.

→ Kalyan Mandap : Large pillared halls.

→ Gopuram : Very high gateways.

DAV Class 7 SST Chapter 14 Notes - Regional Powers

→ Devdasi : Servant of god or goddess dedicated to worship and service of a deity or a temple for the rest of her life.

→ Madarsa : Place for Islamic learning.

→ Polygamy : The practice of keeping more than one wife.

→ Raichur doab : Land area between two rivers- Krishna and Tungabhadra.

→ Verses : Writing in rhythmic style.