DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot

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DAV Class 7 English Literature Chapter 9 Question Answer – The Human Robot

Pre-Reading Task

Question 1.
Read the following newspaper clipping.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot 1
In groups of four or five, share with one another your knowledge of the working of robots.
For self-attempt.

Question 2.
(a) In groups, discuss and make a list of things that you feel robots can do.
Things that robots can do are: Cleaning, arranging things, marketing, gardening, writing, reading, helping in household works etc.

(b) List a few things that you feel humans can do but robots can’t.
(i) Robots cannot apply their own mind.
(ii) Robots can not express emotions.

Question 3.
Do you think robots too, like humans, experience emotions or inner conflicts? Discuss.
Robots do not experience emotions or inner conflicts like human beings. They are just machines which are made to obey orders, to listen and not to express love and hatred.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot

I. Understanding the Story
A. Tick (✓) the correct answer from the options given below:

(a) From where did Prem Chopra get the money for buying Ram Singh?
(i) From his salary
(ii) From a loot
(iii) Borrowed from a friend
(ii) From a loot

(b) What was the range within which Ram Singh’s movement could be through a remote control?
(i) Two kilometres
(ii) One kilometre
(iii) Half a kilometre
(iii) Half a kilometre

(c) What was the first command given to Ram Singh?
(i) Stealing jewellery
(ii) Buying groceries
(iii) Buying mangoes
(ii) Buying groceries

(d) What was the first thing that Ram Singh stole?
(i) Precious gems
(ii) Jade Ganapati
(iii) Gold necklace
(iii) Gold necklace

(e) Who was the first person to notice Ram Singh stealing?
(i) A fruit vendor
(ii) The owner of Gopal jewellers
(iii) The owner of Jhaveli Brothers
(i) A fruit vendor

(f) Where was Prem Chopra arrested?
(i) In the market
(ii) At home
(iii) In his office
(ii) At home

B. Answer the following questions in not more than 30 words:

Question 1.
Why did Prem Chopra go to Super Robots Plaza?
Prem Chopra went to Super Robots Plaza to purchase a Robot, who would be his accomplice, as he thought it was the most adequate investment of his latest loot.

Question 2.
What all could Ram Singh do?
Ram Singh could do household cleaning, arranging things, collecting groceries from the super market, tending the lawns, mailing letters, relating your favourite programmes on the TV and selecting news of your interest from the paper.

Question 3.
What were the three inbuilt principles in Ram Singh’s system?
The three inbuilt principles in Ram Singh’s system were:

  • It would obey his master.
  • It will not harm humans.
  • It will not take harm to self.

Question 4.
Why was Prem Chopra interested only in the first principle?
Prem Chopra was interested only in the first principle because he thought if his robot could shop for groceries, then certainly it could shop for better things like jewels.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot

Question 5.
Why was Ram Singh arrested? Why was he summoned to the court?
Ram Singh was arrested for lifting precious gems from Jhaveli Brothers because the shopkeepers whose valuables had been looted recalled the presence of a metallic robot in their shops on the days of robberies. He was summoned to court because the counsel Goyal wanted him to appear as a witness in the robbery case to recall his activities during last six months and name the person whose instructions he carried out.

Question 6.
What happened to Ram Singh in the court? Why?
Ram Singh’s reporting mechanism suddenly stopped. Strange whirring, chicking, breaking sounds emanated from the robot. The dim blue light changed to Indigo, which intensified. A red light flashed on Ram Singh’s forehead signalling danger. Reporting system failed. The T.V. screen flashed – ‘System disintegrated’. Ram Singh had defused, he was dead. He died because the instructions built in his mechanism were in conflict to disobey his master or to harm others. He chose to die rather than telling a lie, hurting human beings or becoming unfaithful.

C. From the story pick out at least four extracts which show that Prem Chopra wanted to buy Ram Singh primarily for stealing goods from the shops.
1. ____________________
2. ____________________
3. ____________________
4. ____________________
1. Now he would be able to buy an accomplice.
2. Straightening his neck tie he regained his confidence.
3. You mean sitting at home I can command the robot in the city market.
4. He was delighted with the robots’ agility and deftness.

D. Given below are a few adjectives. Decide which of these describe Ram Singh and which ones describe Prem Chopra. Also give the reason for your choice.
obedient greedy unscrupulous helpless cunning principled
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot 2

Adjective Ram Singh/ Prem Chopra Reason
Obedient Ram Singh Even when threatened in the court, he did not reveal his master’s identity.
Greedy Prem Chopra He used a robot and risked its life to satisfy his own greed of wealth.
Hopeless Ram Singh He had no option left either to be unfaithful to his master or harm the human beings. So, he sacrificed himself for his principles.
Cunning Prem Chopra In the Robot Ram Singh-070 memory tape, there were pauses after, each instruction which did not disclose the instructors’ identity. So Prem Chopra was cunning enough to hide his identity as the instructor of robot and given it strict orders not to reveal any information.
Principle Ram Singh He sacrificed his life for his principles.


Prem Chopra pleaded guilty at the end of the chapter. Why do you think he did so?
At the end of the chapter maybe Prem Chopra realized that if a machine can destroy itself rather than telling a lie or being hurtful then why not a human being. He decided to accept his crime.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot

III. Life Skills

We all know that though technology can be very beneficial for us, misusing it can have disastrous consequences. Prepare a speech to be delivered in the morning assembly on how technology can be used for the benefit of mankind.
Good Morning friends and my dear teachers. Today, I am here to deliver a speech on the above mentioned topic. Technology can be a boon or a bane. It depends on what use we put it to. Let us take the example of nuclear energy first. If put to good use it can fulfill electricity demand of all Indians – every farflung village and city. The same nuclear energy in the form of a bomb can also destroy the whole world in a second. So, it all depends on how man uses it. There are numerous examples. Wahing machines, pressure cookers, vaccum cleaners have made our life worth living and they are all boons of technology. We cannot even dream of a day in our life without the use of smartphones. But the same boons turn into a bane as we start misusing then. So, dear friends; make technology your friend and use it fox making this earth a beautiful place to live on.

IV. Values

‘Robot Ram Singh is more human than Prem Chopra.’ Discuss.
Yes, it’s true. Robot Ram Singh is more human. He couldn’t go against the instructions of his master. The lawyer kept on prodding him to reveal the information but he couldn’t do so. He couldn’t even harm anyone because these was fed into him. So, in dilemma he chose to destroy himself. Prem Chopra ultimately pleaded guilty in the end.

V. Writing Skills

Imagine yourself to be the judge of Prem Chopra – Ram Singh case. Prepare a verdict in about 80 words to be pronounced in the court.
Prem Chopra Vs. Ram Singh case 30th March 20XX.
The Court declared main accused Prem Chopra to imprisonment for seven years for committing crime. Because he was the mastermind behind the theft and robberies. He was also levied a penalty of one lakh rupees to be paid in cash to the victims’ family looted by him. The court condemned his deeds and punished him.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Chapter 9 Solutions – The Human Robot

I. Answer the following questions.

Question 1.
What lesson do you get from the lesson ‘The Human Robot’?
The lesson The Human Robot’ teaches us that the human beings who have feelings and sentiments have become emotionless in their greed. Materialism dominates in the life of mankind. They are ready to do anything to fulfill their desire. But the machines which are made by us seem to be more truthful and followers of their principles.

Question 2.
Science has made our life comfortable but we should not misuse it for our purposes. Comment on the basis of your reading of the lesson The Human Robot’.
Science has blessed us with wonderful things. Our life has become quite easy and comfortable. We must use it for good purposes. We should never use it for our mean or destructive purposes.

Question 3.
You are Prem Chopra. Your heart filled with guilt on witnessing the faithfulness of a Robot which was just a machine. It opened your eyes. Write a page of your diary.

11:00 pm

2nd December 20XX
What human beings could not teach me, a machine taught me! The Human Robot Ram Singh-070 followed my order and did everything what I instructed. But when he was asked in the court, about the real identity of his master and the person giving him instruction to do all these crimes like robberies etc. he preferred to finish himself rather than telling a lie against me. Such sort of loyalty and faithfulness shown by machine really opened my eyes. Really machines which have been made by us, have better values than us. Though Ram Singh-70 was just a machine but my heart is full of grief at his loss. It seems as if I have lost some near and dear ones.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot

II. Word Power

Find words from the text which have the same meaning as given below:
(a) glowing : ____________________ (Para 6) Page 55
(b) fast, quickly : ____________________ (Para 6} Page 55
(c) disclosed : ____________________ (Para 20) Page 57
(d) in a forceful way : ____________________ (Para 63) Page 61
(e) changed : ____________________ (Para 27) Page 58
(a) glowing : gleaming (Para 6) Page 55
(b) fast, quickly : swiftly (Para 6) Page 55
(c) disclosed : revealed (Para 20) Page 57
(d) in a forceful way : stressed (Para 63) Page 61
(e) changed : alter (Para 27) Page 58

III. Discuss with your partner

What was the conflict in Ram Singh’s mind? How did he overcome it?
For self-attempt.

The Human Robot Summary in English

Prem Chopra went to the Super Robots Plaza to buy a robot from the money of his latest loot. As he entered the shop, the salesman approached him to provide his service. The salesman told him that they manufacture robots only for specialised work. The best robots are for home. The shop had robot in metallic silver, electric blue and green. Some were moving about, some were switched off. The silver robot welcomed him to Super Robot Plaza in his metallic voice.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot 3
The salesman then showed him metallic blue robot that was programmed to function in household cleaning, collecting groceries from the super market, tending to loans and mailing letters, relating T.V. programmes and selecting news articles from newspapers, commanded by a remote control monitor. The Robot was named Ram Singh-070 and would operate with in a radius of half a kilometer. The salesman checked the functions of the robot Ram Singh-070 and told Prem that the Robot had an inbuilt system of three principles to obey his master, that do not harm humans as well as seif. Prem heard the first principle and ignored the other two. He signed the sale deed and contract of ‘no misuse of the robot’. He got it as a servant and an accomplice.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot 4
Ram Singh-070 was thoroughly efficient. He worked with tremendous speed and accuracy. Prem Chopra was delighted with the robot’s activeness. Prem Chopra stopped outside Gopal jewellers with Ram Singh-070 behind him. Prem escaped around the corner and commanded Ram Singh-070 to pick up a necklace and hide, not to make a noise and not to reveal the information, but keep it a top secret or he would defuse his system. Prem observed the whole operation through his binoculars. Ram Singh continued to pick up expensive antiques, ornaments and precious stones for them successfully until one day a fruit vendor saw the robot picking up an expensive bunch of Afghani grapes. Soon, most of the shopkeepers recalled the metallic blue robot’s presence in their shops, when their valuables were lifted and reported the matter to the police.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot 5
The police caught Ram Singh-070 while it was lifting precious gems at Jhaveli Brothers. Prem was observing everything through the licence number printed on the metalled neck of the Robot. Prem Chopra was released on bail and he denied all allegations in the court. He alleged somebody else to have tampered with Ram Singh-070.
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot 6
Counsel Goel informed the Judge and the court that all the jewellery robberies were committed after Prem Chopra’s purchase of Ram Singh-070. The Robot was summoned to the court and the people gathered in a large number to see him. Goel told that the memory tape in these robots contained information of the previous week and the robot had been switched off since the last robbery incident. But Prem was confident that his robot would obey his orders. The robot told the court that Prem Chopra was his owner and he did cleaning, mowing the lawns, washing dishes, shopping for him. When Goel asked the robot to recall his activities of last six days, he repeated the various jobs, but there was a pause after each instruction signal. He was asked who had given him instructions during the pause, but the robot said that he could not disobey his master and could not reveal the information as many people had suffered financial losses.

Suddenly, the robot defused himself and he died in the witness box. He had sacrificed himself for his principles. There was a conflict in the robot’s life between disobeying his master or causing harm to others. He chose to die rather than telling a lie, hurting human feelings or becoming unfaithful. Prem Chopra pleaded himself guilty.

DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot

The Human Robot Summary in Hindi

प्रेम चोपड़ा अपने लूट के पैसों से सुपर रोबोट्स प्लाजा रोबोट खरीदने के लिए गया। जैसे ही वह दुकान में प्रवेश किया, दुकानदार अपनी सेवा देने के लिए उसके पास आया। उसने बताया कि वे केवल विशेष कार्य करने वाले रोबोट बनाते थे । सबसे अच्छे रोबोट घर में प्रयोग होने वाले थे। रोबोट नीले, चाँदी व हरे रंग के थे। कुछ रोबोट दुकान में चल रहे थे तथा कुछ बंद थे। एक सिल्वर रोबोट ने अपनी आवाज में प्रेम का स्वागत किया। विक्रेता ने फिर उसे नीले रंग के धातु का रोबोट दिखाया, जो घर की सफाई व बाजार से सामान लाता था, बगीचे की देखभाल कर सकता था, पत्रों, टेलीविजन व अखबार की अपने मालिक के लिए छानबीन कर सकता था और जिसको निर्देश एक रिमोट कंट्रोल मॉनीटर द्वारा दिए जाते थे। उस रोबोट का नाम राम सिंह – 070 था और वह आधे किलोमीटर की सीमा में काम कर सकता था। विक्रेता ने रोबोट की एक बार ठीक से जाँच की और प्रेम को बताया कि वह रोबोट तीन मूल्यों पर आधारित था।
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot 7
अपने मालिक की आज्ञा का वफादारी से पालन करना, दूसरों को नुकसान न पहुँचाना तथा स्वयं को कोई चोट न पहुँचाना। प्रेम ने पहले मूल्य को ध्यान से सुना तथा अन्य दो को नजरअंदाज कर दिया। उसने बिक्री के कागजात पर हस्ताक्षर किए व जिम्मा उठाया कि वह उसका गलत इस्तेमाल नहीं करेगा। प्रेम चोपड़ा ने सोचा कि उसे नौकर के साथ एक अपराध करने के लिए साथी भी मिल जायेगा । राम सिंह – 070 अपने कार्य में निपुण था। वह काफी तेज व सटीक रूप से कार्य करता था । गोपाल ज्वैलर्स के बाहर प्रेम रूक गया और राम सिंह – 070 को हार चुराने का निर्देश दिया। साथ ही शोर न मचाने, चोरी का माल छिपाने व किसी को कोई सूचना न देने का ओदश दिया और कहा कि अगर वह किसी के सामने कोई सूचना प्रदान करेगा
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot 8
तो वह उसे विफल कर देगा। प्रेम सब कार्य करते हुए अपनी दूरबीन से देखता रहा । राम सिंह – 070 ने प्रेम के लिए बहुमूल्य पुरातन वस्तुऐं, जेवरात व कीमती पत्थर कामयाबी से चुराए । एक दिन एक फलवाले ने उसे एक कीमती अफगानी अंगूर का गुच्छा चुराते हुए देख लिया। जल्दी ही अधिकतर दुकानदार जिनकी दुकानों में चोरी हुई थी ने याद किया कि उन्होनें चोरियों के समय एक नीले रोबोट को अपनी दुकानों में देखा था तथा उन्होंने थाने में उसकी सूचना दी।
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot 9
पुलिस ने राम सिंह – 070 को झावेली ब्रदर्स के यहाँ चोरी करते हुए पकड़ा। प्रेम जो सब कुछ दूरबीन से देख रहा था भाग खड़ा हुआ। लेकिन रोबोट के गले में लिखे लाइसेंस नम्बर द्वारा पुलिस ने प्रेम चोपड़ा को पकड़ लिया। प्रेम चोपड़ा जमानत पर छूट गया और कोर्ट में अपने ऊपर लगाये गये सभी इल्जामों को झूठा बताने लगा। उसने कहा कि किसी ने उसके रोबोट के साथ छेड़खानी की होगी ।
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot 10
सलाहकार गोयल ने जज तथा कोर्ट को सूचित किया कि जेवरात की चोरियाँ प्रेम चोपड़ा के रोबोट खरीदने के बाद ही हुई थी। राम सिंह – 070 को कोर्ट में उपस्थित होने का आदेश दिया गया। लोगों की भीड़ कचहरी में उसे देखने के लिए उमड़ पड़ी। गोयल ने बताया कि इन रोबोटों के अन्दर पूर्व सप्ताह की गतिविधियों की सूचना होती है तथा आखिरी चोरी के उपरान्त राम सिंह – 070 को चालू न कर, बंद कर दिया गया था। प्रेम को विश्वास था कि उसका रोबोट उसके प्रति वफादार रहेगा। रोबोट – 070 ने बताया कि उसका मालिक प्रेम चोपड़ा था। तथा वह उसके लिए घर की सफाई, बगीचे की देखभाल, धुलाई, बर्तन धोने तथा बाजार से सामान लाने का कार्य करता था।
DAV Class 7 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 The Human Robot 11
गोयल ने उससे आखिरी छः दिनों की गतिविधियों को दोहराने के लिए कहा। उसने अन्य कार्यों के विषय में बताया, लेकिन हर आदेश के बाद एक रूकावट थोड़े समय के लिए आ जाती थी। उससे पूछा गया कि इस रूकावट के दौरान उसे किसने आदेश दिए थे? लेकिन राम सिंह-070 ने कहा कि वह अपने मालिक से गद्दारी नहीं कर सकता था। उसने राम सिंह – 070 को धमकाते हुए कहा कि वह सारी सूचना दे क्योंकि कई लोगों को भारी आर्थिक हानि हुई थी। लेकिन राम सिंह – 070 ने स्वयं को विफल कर दिया और गवाह कटघरे में ही दम तोड़ दिया। उसने अपने मूल्यों के लिए स्वयं को कुर्बान कर दिया था। उससे झूठ बोलने, लोगों को ठेस पहुँचाने या गद्दार कहलाने से मरना बेहतर समझा। प्रेम चोपड़ा ने स्वयं को दोषी कबूल कर लिया।

  • Glare – to stare fiercely – आँखें तरेरना;
  • Robot-a machine that works automatically can do some tasks that a human can do – मनुष्य की तरह काम करने वाली स्वचालित मशीन;
  • Accomplice – a person who helps somebody to do something bad, especially a crime – अपराध करने में सहायक व्यक्ति;
  • Adequate – sufficient – पर्याप्त;
  • Investment – act of investing – पूँजी, निवेश;
  • Efficient – capable – योग्य;
  • Bewildered-confused – भ्रमित हक्का-बक्का;
  • Isolated – segregated – अलगाव करना;
  • Grocery – articles sold by a grocer – किराना;
  • Glamour – charm – आकर्षण;
  • Agility – activeness – चपलता;
  • Deftness – skilful and quick – दक्ष और त्वरित;
  • Antique – old and expensive things – पुरातन बहुमूल्य वस्तुएँ;
  • Vendor – one who sells by wandering – विक्रेता;
  • Dispose – to sell – विक्रय करना;
  • Allegation – the act of alleging – आरोप लगाना;
  • Tamper – to meddle – हस्तक्षेप करना;
  • Anticipate – to foretell – पूर्वानुमान करना;
  • Squeak – short shrill sound – चू-चू करना;
  • Proceedings – course of action – कार्यवाही;
  • Monotonously – dullness – नीरसता;
  • Vigour – energy – ताकत;
  • Emphatically – forceful – प्रभावी;
  • Counsellor – adviser – सलाहकार;
  • Intensify – acuteness – तीव्रता;
  • Stupefied – to make stupid – मूर्ख बनाना;
  • Sacrificed-abandonment – त्याग;
  • Principles – fundamental – सिद्धांत।