DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 8 Hanuman and I

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DAV Class 6 English Literature Chapter 8 Question Answer – Hanuman and I

Pre-Reading Task

Question 1.
Have you ever dreamt of performing on stage?
Yes, I have dreamt of performing a dance on stage.

Question 2.
If you are asked all of a sudden to perform in the Annual Day Programme, will you
(a) perform successfully and confidently?
(b) refuse to perform without practice?
(c) perform nervously?
(a) perform successfully and confidently

Question 3.
While performing on stage, you partly forget your dialogues. Will you
(a) stand still and try to recollect?
(b) say thanks and come back?
(c) make funny faces because of embarrassment?
(d) try to continue with the rest of it confidently?
(d) try to continue with the rest of it confidently

I. Understanding the Play
A. Answer the following questions briefly:

Question 1.
Which role was assigned to Rupa in the play The Story of Rama’? Was it in accordance with her expectations?
Rupa was assigned the role of one of the monkeys in Vanar Sena, who will just say ‘Jai Sri Rama’ ‘Jai Hanuman’. The role was not in accordance with her expectation as she wanted to play the role of Hanuman or Rama.

Question 2.
Why was Rupa suddenly asked to play the role of Hanuman?
Rupa was suddenly asked to play the role of Hanuman because Alka, who had been assigned the role earlier, had now contracted measles and had been suffering from high temperature. In her absence, Rupa was the only option for the role of Hanuman.

Question 3.
Rupa was sure that once on stage, she would give a brilliant performance. Do you think she really managed to give a good performance?
No, Rupa did not give brilliant performance. In fact, she got nervous and messed up everything and made the audience full of laughter.

DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 8 Hanuman and I

B. Read the extracts from the play given below and answer the questions that follow:
(a) ‘I wish I could get Rama’s role.
…I don’t think the teacher will give you Rama’s role’.

Question 1.
Identify the two speakers.
The two speakers are Rupa and Anu.

Question 2.
Why won’t the speaker (in line 1) get Rama’s role?
The speaker wouldn’t get Rama’s role because she was shorter in height than the one who was playing the role of Sita. She also had a shrill voice.

Question 3.
Which role does the teacher assign to the speaker?
The teacher assigns to the speaker the role of one of the monkeys in Vanar Sena.

(b) You wanted to be Hanuman, didn’t you? Do you think you can manage?’
Question 1.
Who is the speaker? Whom is the speaker talking to?
Here the speaker is the teacher. She is talking to Rupa.

Question 2.
Why does she ask the listener to be Hanuman?
Alka who was earlier supposed to play the role of Hanuman, was contracted with measles and had been suffering from high temperature. Therefore, the teacher asked the listener to be Hanuman.

Question 3.
Was the listener able to ‘manage’ the role properly?
No, the listener could not manage the role properly.

C. You are one of the spectators who enjoyed Rupa’s foolishness on the stage. Report some of her funny dialogues given below to one of your friends.
1. Rupa (to Rama) : My Lord, I would die for you.
2. Rupa (to Rama) : Now jump.
3. Rama (to Rupa) : You jump, stupid!
4. Rupa (to Rama) : You have forgotten to pin your tail.
5. Rupa (to Ravana) : No, no. I am not Hanuman! Don’t kill me.
Rupa told Rama that she would die for him. So Rupa asked Rama to jump then. But Rama called her stupid and asked her to jump herself. Rupa mocked him and reminded that he had forgotten to pin his tail. Then she urged Ravana not to kill her as she was not Hanuman.


How did audience react when they saw Rupa’s performance? Do you feel that Rupa’s performace achieved the purpose of the play?
The audience roared with laughter on Rupa’s performance. Rupa forgot to pin up her tail and misunderstood the prompts being given by the teacher. She trembled with fear on seeing Ravana and pulled off her mask. Although, the teacher was angry but the audience roared with laughter. The purpose of the play was to entertain the audience and that is what it achieved.

DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 8 Hanuman and I

III. Life Skills

A. Imagine yourself to be the teacher directing the play The Story of Rama’. How will you tackle the situation after knowing that Alka won’t be able to perform in the play?
As a teacher, my duty is to resolve the issue as amicably as possible. If Alka is unwell, there is no point in fretting over the situation. I will have to choose another one in its place. So, my choice would be a student who has taken up the role of Vanar’. But I would speak the dialogues myself from the backstage. The ‘Hanuman’ will only act.

B. One is often placed in an embarrassing situation like the one in which Rupa found herself. How should one handle such situations?
If one finds himself or herself in an embarrassing situation — it is better to think twice before taking any action. Also, it is important to keep a calm and cool composure.

IV. Values

Each and every character in the play is important. It is always the team effort which makes it a great performance. Write dialogues, among the characters of the play The Story of Rama’ suggesting to each other how they could make a great performance?
Anu: Allow me to an announcement. Our class teacher has decided to stage a play on the Annual Day. She will soon be assigning different roles to us.
Rupa: Wow! that’s great. I want to play the role of ‘Hanuman’.
Anu: Listen! All characters in the play are important. Let’s see what role the teacher assigns to us.
Teacher: Yes, dear children, all characters in the play are important. In fact the success of any project depends on team work.
Alka: Yes, ma’am! We understand this. It helps us to work well in all circumstances.
Raghu: Yes, we will keep our personal conflicts aside and will work together to make this play a success.

V. Writing Skills

Imagine yourself to be Rupa. Write a diary entry expressing your feelings on your stage performance as Hanuman on the Annual Day function.
20 May, 20XX
Dear Diaiy,
Today, I messed up a golden opportunity in school. I badly wanted the role of Hanuman and when I got it, I messed it all up. Alka fell ill at the eleventh hour. The teacher knew about my desire, so she called me and offered the role. I also accepted it. I thought that as I had seen Alka playing as Hanuman so many times so, probably I will also be able to perform it well. First of all I forgot to pin my tail. When my teacher tried telling me I spoke it aloud. I spoke it loudly on the stage. Everybody started laughing. My teacher chided me. I also promised that I would not repeat it again. But when Ravana pointed his sword at me I thought he was going to hit me. So, I blurted out loudly that I was Rupa and not Alka. Everyone started laughing. The play was cancelled. My teacher was also angry with me. Now, I will never be able to act in a play. Oh God! what have I done.

DAV Class 6 English Literature Chapter 8 Solutions – Hanuman and I

Question 1.
You are Rupa’s teacher. You felt very low when Rupa spoiled the play you prepared. Write a letter to your friend sharing your feelings.
DAV School Ambala
15th September, 20XX
Dear Anamika,
I hope that you must be in good spirits. But today I am very upset due to one of my students. I worked hard to stage a play on the Ramayana on our school’s Annual Day. Though all the parts were well prepared but it was my bad luck that I had to take a novice student for the role of Hanuman. Because the student supposed to do the role of Hanuman fell sick. This student not only destroyed the play but also made me a matter of laughing stock. In place of appreciation, I got harsh words from my principal. I am feeling humiliated even to face my fellow teachers. What should I do at this stage? I would like to seek your guidance.
Yours sincerely,

DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 8 Hanuman and I

Question 2.
What should be the qualities of an artist to make not only his role successful but also the play or drama?
Every artist plays an important role in making the play successful. An artist should make the most of his opportunity. The artist must try to do his best to satisfy the spectators. Because the success of play depends only on the appreciation of the spectators. An artist must be confident and well prepared to make his or her role remarkable.

Question 3.
Given below is the outline summary of the play. Some inappropriate words have been used in the outline. Detect those words, underline them, and replace them with correct words to make the story meaningful. One has been done for you as an example.
Rupa was a dull girl with a soft voice. She was confident that she would give a brilliant performance on the stage, if given a chance to act. Her teacher said that her voice was too melodious for the role of Hanuman. The role was therefore given to Alka. However, Alka had fever on the day of the show and the teacher had to assign the role of Hanuman to Rupa. She started following her teacher’s instructions blindly and started committing blunders. The funniest incident took place when the tiny figure of Ravana entered the stage carrying a rusty sword in his hands. Rupa, who was playing the role of the mortal Hanuman, got confident and disclosed her identity on the stage. The pleased teacher came on to the stage and dragged her away.

1. talented
2. shrill
3. told, squeaky
4. huge
5. shining
6. immortal
7. scared
8. infuriated

Hanuman and I Summary in English

This play is about a small girl named Rupa who had a strong desire to act on stage. Once she got a chance to act but out of confusion she messed up every thing. Once Rupa’s friend Anu told her that a play ‘The Story of Rama’ is going to be enacted in their school’s Annual Day by the junior section. Rupa expressed her desire to enact Rama’s role. The teacher came to their class and she assigned the role of Rama to Suman, the role of Sita to Radhika, the role of Hanuman to Alka. The teacher told Rupa that she was going to be one of the monkeys in the Vanar Sena (Monkey’s army).
DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 8 Hanuman and I 1
Rupa was very disappointed to hear this but the teacher promised to give the role of Hanuman next time if she performed well on the Annual Day. When everybody was busy dressing up, the Chowkidar gave a note to the teacher in which it was informed that Alka had contracted measles and had high temperature and could not participate in the play. The teacher was quite shocked.
DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 8 Hanuman and I 2
She immediately called Rupa and told her to play the role of Hanuman. It was just like a dream come true for her. The teacher told Rupa to repeat the dialogues which she would also speak up from the back of stage and advised her to speak loudly. When the play began the teacher saw that Rupa had forgotten to pin up her tail. She told this to Rupa, but she thought it was her dialogue which she spoke loudly in front of the audience. The curtain fell down.
DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 8 Hanuman and I 3

DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 8 Hanuman and I

Hanuman and I Summary in Hindi

यह नाटक एक छोटी-सी लड़की रूपा के बारे में है, जिसे मंच पर अभिनय करने की हार्दिक इच्छा थी। एक बार उसे अभिनय करने का मौका मिला, लेकिन घबराहट के कारण वह गलती कर बैठी। एक बार रूपा की सखी अनु ने उसे बताया कि इस वर्ष विद्यालय के वार्षिक समारोह में एक नाटक ‘राम की कहानी’ का आयोजन जूनियर सेक्शन द्वारा किया जा रहा है। रूपा ने भी इसमें भाग लेने की इच्छा जताई। उसने कहा कि वह राम का पात्र निभाना चाहती है। शिक्षिका कक्षा में आईं और उन्होंने राम का पात्र सुमन को, सीता का पात्र राधिका को और हनुमान का पात्र अल्का को निभाने के लिए कहा। उसकी शिक्षिका ने रूपा को बताया कि वह वानर सेना में एक बंदर का पात्र निभा सकती है। यह सुनकर रूपा को बहुत निराशा हुई। रूपा की शिक्षिका ने कहा कि यदि वह इस बार अपना पात्र ठीक से निभायेगी तो अगली बार वे उसे हनुमान का पात्र निभाने के लिए कहेंगी।
DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 8 Hanuman and I 4
सभी पात्र जब पोशाक पहन रहे थे तो चौकीदार ने शिक्षिका को एक नोट दिया, जिसमें यह लिखा था कि हनुमान का पात्र निभाने वाली लड़की को चेचक हो गया है और वह बुखार से पीड़ित है। यह सुनकर उसकी शिक्षिका सोच में पड़ गईं। उन्होंने तुरंत रूपा को बुलाया और उससे पूछा कि क्या वह हनुमान का पात्र निभा सकती है। उसके लिए यह सपना सच होने जैसा था। शिक्षिका ने रूपा से कहा कि वह पीछे से जो संवाद बोले वह उसी को तेज़ आवाज़ में दोहराती जाए, किंतु उसने मंच पर जाकर सब कुछ उल्टा कर दिया। जब नाटक शुरू हुआ तो शिक्षिका ने देखा कि रूपा अपनी पूँछ लगाना भूल गयी थी। उन्होंने रूपा को बताया, परंतु रूपा समझी कि यह उसका संवाद है और उसने दर्शकों के सामने इसे तेज़ आवाज़ में बोल दिया। पर्दा गिर गया।
DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 8 Hanuman and I 5
शिक्षिका ने रूपा को समझाया कि वह दुबारा कोई गलती न करे। पर्दा दुबारा उठा । परंतु उसने फिर गलत संवाद बोलने शुरू कर दिए। अगले दृश्य में जब रावण ने अपनी तलवार दिखाकर रूपा की तरफ इशारा करके पूछा कि वह छोटा प्राणी कौन है ? रूपा डर से काँप उठी और कहा, वह अल्का नहीं है। वह रूपा है और अपने मुँह से मुखौटा हटा दिया। यह सुनकर दर्शकों का हँसते-हँसते बुरा हाल हो गया । यह देखकर उसकी शिक्षिका बहुत नाराज़ हो गयीं और रूपा को मंच से बाहर ले गयीं । नाटक को स्थगित करना पड़ा।
DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 8 Hanuman and I 6

  • Shrill – sharp and unpleasant – अप्रिय ( आवाज़);
  • Deliver – to set free – पहुँचाना;
  • Puny – small – छोटा;
  • Audience – people who are watching or listening to a play – दर्शकगण;
  • Infuriated- enraged – क्रोधित हुई;
  • Drag – to pull – खींचना ।