DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 The Case of Copied Question Papers

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DAV Class 6 English Literature Chapter 11 Question Answer – The Case of Copied Question Papers

Pre-Reading Task

Question 1.
If you find a rough copy of the question paper that you are going to take the next day, will you
(i) inform the teacher?
(ii) inform other students about the questions?
(iii) will not disclose it to anyone, rather learn all the answers yourself?
(i) inform the teacher

Question 2.
If you see that your partner is copying the answers from his notebook while taking an examination, will you
(i) ask for his help in doing your paper also?
(ii) warm him of not doing so?
(iii) not bother yourself?
(iv) inform the invigilator?
(iv) inform the invigilator

Question 3.
If you have committed a very serious mistake, will you
(i) try to hide your mistake?
(ii) confess it boldly?
(iii) not be concerned about it?
(ii) confess it boldly

I. Understanding the Play
A. Answer the following questions in brief:

Question 1.
Why was Soames upset?
Soames was upset because somebody had entered his room in his absence and copied down the question paper of the scholarship exam which was supposed to be held next day.

Question 2.
How did Soames conclude that the papers had been tampered with by someone?
Soames concluded that the papers had been tampered with by someone because when he came back, he saw the keys hanging on the door and question papers, which he had kept together were scattered. One of them was lying on the floor, next one was on the side table near the window and third was where he had left it.

Question 3.
Why did Holmes ask for a pencil from all the three students?
Holmes asked for a pencil from all the three students because he wanted to match the shreds of the pencil which he had seen in Soames’ office.

Question 4.
How did Bannister help Gilchrist? Why did he do so?
Bannister helped Gilchrist by giving him a chance to escape from the door pretending to faint on a chair kept near a window so that he could divert the attention of Soames towards him. He also tried to hide gloves. He did so because before working here he worked as a butler in Gilchrist’s house. So he wanted to save him.

DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 The Case of Copied Question Papers

Question 5.
Why did Gilchrist decide to skip the examination?
Gilchrist decided to skip the examination because Bannister made him understand like a father that he was on the wrong path and should clear all his examination by hard work and not by cheating.

B. Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow:

Question 1.
‘We have had a very painful incident at the college.’
(a) Identify the speaker. Whom is he speaking to?
(b) What is the painful incident?
(c) What does the speaker want from the listener?
(a) Soames is the speaker. He is talking to Holmes.
(b) The painful incident was that in the absence of Soames someone had copied down the rough question paper of the scholarship exam which was going to be held next day.
(c) The speaker wants the listener to help him in catching the thief.

Question 2.
‘I think he wrote very fast and broke his pencil and had to sharpen it again.’
(a) Whom does ‘he’ refer to in the above line?
(b) On what basis does the speaker draw the above conclusion?
(c) How does this conclusion lead to the solution of the mystery?
(a) ‘He’ refers to the culprit.
(b) When the speaker saw the shreds of the pencil on the table, he concluded that the culprit might have broken his pencil while writing fast and hence, he sharpened it.
(c) This conclusion helped a lot as the speaker matched the shreds of the pencil on the table with the culprit’s pencil.

Question 3.
‘Why did you commit such an action?’
(a) Who is the speaker? Whom is he speaking to?
(b) What action has the listener committed? Why?
(c) How does he mend his action?
(a) Holmes is the speaker. He is talking to Gilchrist.
(b) He had committed the crime of copying down the question paper of the scholarship examination which was supposed to be held next day. He had committed such an action so that he may come in the merit list in the scholarship exam and would get the scholarship.
(c) He mends his action by writing a note in which he had confessed his mistake and promised not to make the same mistake again in life. He also decided not to appear in the exam.

C. Read the play and fill in the following cluesheet to help Holmes solve the mystery and find out the culprit.

The characters Holmes Watson Soames Bannister
(detective) (companion) (lecturer) (his servant)Gilchrist Ralph Steve
student  student  student
The Case Copying down of the question paper of the scholarship examination
The suspect/suspects (i) Steve
He was the only person who had seen Mr. Soames reading the question papers.(ii) Bannister
He had the duplicate key.

(iii) Steve, Gilchrist, Ralph
They stay on the same floor and have access to Mr. Soames’ room.

The clues
  • shreds of pencil on the table
  • the gloves
  • Key in the door.
  • Bannister fainted in the chair near the window.
  • height of the culprit.
  • scratches of shoe spikes on the table.
The culprit Gilchrist was six feet tall, saw the question paper on the table, entered the room, noted down the questions, broke his pencil, sharpened the pencil, left the gloves.
Conclusion Gilchrist had fallen low, had committed the crime of copying the question paper, but when given a chance, changed his mind and decided not to take the paper and admitted his mistake.


Why couldn’t Soames solve the mystery behind the copied question papers while Holmes could do it in a short time?
Soames was not a detective. So, he couldn’t put two and two together. Secondly, there was very less time and he had to take a decision whether to continue with the examination or to get the paper cancelled.

III. Life Skills

A. You have found a pen drive of one of your teachers. It has the question papers for the coming exams. What will you do in such a situation?
The best thing to do in such a case would be to go and return it to the teacher giving her all the details.

B. All children can be made to see through their matches by speaking to them. Discuss with your partner.
Dialogue Construction
Me: I wonder how the children can be made to see through their mistakes.
Friend: The best way is to speak to them and give them examples from real life.
Me: Will that help?
Friend: Yes, in 90% of cases it helps. Children understand when somebody counsels them. In 10% of the cases, strong action can help.
Me: Do you mean punishment or beating?
Friend: No, it’s not punishment or corporal punishment but it could be a remedial punishment — not very harsh but one which makes him see the reason.

IV. Values

Was it right to get Gilchrist free at the end? Should he have been punished or not?
Yes, it was right to set him free because he had admitted his crime. He had also withdrawn his application. He was a young man with bright future. Sending him to prison would have spoilt his future for ever.

V. Writing Skills

A. Imagine yourself to be Gilchrist. Write a letter to the Education Officer informing him about your decision of not taking the scholarship paper.
Pavate House
20th Aug., 1895
Education Officer
ABC University
Res. Sir,
Through this letter I wish to inform you that I want to withdraw my application for the prestigious scholarship exam.
It is all due to my personal reasons as I have not been able to prepare well for it.
I hope you will allow me to withdraw my application.
Yours sincerely

B. You are the Education Officer of ABC University. It has been brought to your notice that the scholarship paper has been leaked. Write a notice informing all the students about the cancellation of the paper.
Notice about cancellation of paper


ABC University
20th Aug., 1895


This has to come to our notice that certain unscrupulous people tried to leak the examination paper. Due to this the exam scheduled on 21 Aug. is being cancelled till further notice. The new date will be announced very soon.
S. James
Education Officer

DAV Class 6 English Literature Chapter 11 Solutions – The Case of Copied Question Papers

Question 1.
What can you say about the character of Bannister?
Bannister is the servant of Mr. Soames. He is an honest person and believes in God. Though, he helps Gilchrist in escaping but like a father he chides him also for adopting such an unfair means to get success. He gets success in changing Gilchrist’s mind by showing him right path.

Question 2.
Do you think Mr. Soames is a kind person and true human being who gives a chance to Gilchrist to improve himself?
Mr. Soames, lecturer of the university, is a sincere person. When examination paper was leaked, he decided to postpone the exam. But when Gilchrist confesses his mistake he forgives him without giving him any punishment. He also gives him chance to improve himself.

Question 3.
Write a brief character sketch of Gilchrist.
Gilchrist is a student of the university. For a moment, he becomes selfish and to get scholarship he copies the question paper. But very soon he realises that getting success by using unfair means will never give him pleasure in life. So he confesses his offence before Mr. Soames. This shows that he is a true human being.

DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 The Case of Copied Question Papers

Question 4.
Read the following statements from the text:

  • I must find the culprit or the examination must be postponed.
  • Only Steve could know about the paper.
  • You may go.
  • Will you please call Bannister in?

Analysing the usage of the bold words in the above sentences, choose the correct options and make meaningful sentences.
DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 The Case of Copied Question Papers 1
1. (i) It may rain today as the sky is cloudy.
(ii) It must rain today or the crops shall die.

2. (i) May I come in, madam?
(ii) Can I come in this little space?

3. (i) The clue may either be correct or incorrect.
(ii) The clue will help you in solving the mystery.
(iii) The clue would be found, if proper search is conducted.

4. (i) You should help her if you wanted.
(ii) You could fulfil your duties.
(iii) You would be the captain in future.

Question 5.
With the help of the given clues, find the words from the play which mean the same as given below:
1. Nervous : confused
clue : It is an eight-letter word.

2. Mess about, interfere; Trouble
clue : It begins with ‘T’

3. Nature of a person : Temperament
clue : Temperament

4. Fall down: Destroy
clue : the building fell because of the earthquake.

5. Nearby, adjoining : Adjacent
clue : begins with ‘A’ and ends with ‘t’.

6. Look : GLANCE
clue : GLANCE

The Case of Copied Question Papers Summary in English

Once when Holmes was sitting in the library a man called Soames entered the room. He wanted to tell Holmes about the incident that had taken place in their college. He told Holmes that he was checking the proof of the paper for the scholarship exam, which was going to be held the next day. It was 3 o’clock when the paper arrived from the printers. He had to read them carefully. At 4.30, he left the room and went with his friend for taking tea there. When he came back to his house, he found all the papers scattered and the key hanging on the door. He thought that only Bannister, the servant, had a duplicate set of keys and he might have come there to offer him tea. Soames asked Holmes whether they should find out who the thief was or postpone the exami¬nation. This was a serious matter. Holmes told Soames not to worry and assured to help him. Soames also told Holmes that Steve had come to his room a few minutes ago to’ask about some of his difficulties.
DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 The Case of Copied Question Papers 2
Holmes left for Soames’ house. There, he examined that some pencil shreds were lying on the floor. Also, there were some grains of sawdust on the table. Holmes called up Bannister and enquired him and let him go. He asked Bannister that when Mr. Soames told him about the papers then why he fainted and sat on chair near the window and why not on chair near the door which was closer to him. Bannister replied that it was all by chance. Then Holmes went to the rooms of the three students Steve, Gilchrist and Ralph who stayed on each floor of the building.
DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 The Case of Copied Question Papers 3
Holmes carefully examined their rooms and assured Soames that he could surely tell him about the culprit. The next morning he again called Bannister and questioned him. Everything was veiy clear. It was Gilchrist who was six feet tall, the only boy to reach the window who had copied down the question papers. Bannister had helped him in doing so. Bannister pretended to faint to give Gilchrist a chance to escape. He sat down at the comer chair to hide Gilchrist’s glove. Bannister was a butler at Gilchrist’s house before working there so he wanted to save him. Now Gilchrist had a letter in which he had written that he would not take the examination this time. Soames asked him why he had changed his mind. He told that it was Bannister who had set him on right path by saying what he had done was not right. So he decided not to take the paper.

DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 The Case of Copied Question Papers

The Case of Copied Question Papers Summary in Hindi

एक बार होम्स अपने घर के पास वाले पुस्तकालय में बैठा हुआ था जहाँ सोम्स ने प्रवेश किया। वह होम्स को उस घटना के बारे में बताना चाहता था जो उसके कॉलेज में घटित हुई थी। उसने होम्स को बताया कि वह विश्वविद्यालय में अगले दिन होने वाली छात्रवृत्ति की परीक्षा का पेपर पढ़ रहा था। उस वक्त तीन बजे थे, जब पेपर प्रिंटर के पास से उसके पास पहुँचा। उसे उस पेपर को सावधानीपूर्वक पढ़ना था। साढ़े चार बजे वह उठकर अपने साथ वाले कमरे में अपने दोस्त के साथ चाय पीने गया। लेकिन जब वह अपने घर वापस आया तो उसने देखा कि सारे कागज़ बिखरे पड़े हैं और उसके दरवाज़े पर चाबी लटकी हुई है। उसने सोचा कि हो सकता है कि उसका नौकर वैनिस्टर चाय देने आया हो और उसके पास नकली चाबी भी तो होती है। सोम्स ने होम्स से कहा कि या तो उन्हें अपराधी को ढूँढ़ लेना चाहिए या परीक्षा स्थगित कर देनी चाहिए। यह एक गंभीर विषय था ।
DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 The Case of Copied Question Papers 4
होम्स ने सोम्स को परेशान न होने के लिए कहा और उसकी मदद करने का वायदा किया। सोम्स ने होम्स को बताया कि एक छात्र स्टीव परीक्षा के विषय में कुछ पूछने उसके कमरे में आया था। होम्स ने सोम्स के घर जाकर निरीक्षण किया। वहाँ उन्हें कुछ पेंसिल के छिल्के एवं मेज़ पर कुछ मिट्टी के निशान दिखायी दिए । होम्स ने वैनिस्टर को बुलाकर कुछ पूछताछ की और उसे जाने को कहा। उसने वैनिस्टर से पूछा कि जब सोम्स ने उससे पेपरों के बारे में पूछा तो वह खिड़की के पास की कुर्सी पर बेहोश होकर क्यों गिरा जबकि मेज़ के पास वाली कुर्सी उसके पास थी। वैनिस्टर ने इसे एक संयोग कहा। उसके बाद होम्स तीन छात्रों स्टीव, गिलक्राइस्ट एवं राल्फ के कमरों में गया जो अलग-अलग मंज़िल पर थे। उसने उन छात्रों के कमरों का निरीक्षण किया और सोम्स को आश्वासन दिया कि वह अपराधी को ढूँढ़ लेगा ।
DAV Class 6 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 11 The Case of Copied Question Papers 5
अगली सुबह उसने फिर वैनिस्टर को बुलाकर पूछताछ की। हर चीज़ साफ़ थी। यह गिलक्राइस्ट था, जो छः फुट लंबा होने के कारण सोम्स की खिड़की तक पहुँच सकता था और उसी ने प्रश्न पत्रों की नकल की थी। वैनिस्टर ने इसमें उसकी मदद की । वैनिस्टर बेहोश होकर गिर पड़ा क्योंकि वह गिलक्राइस्ट को बचने का मौका देना चाहता था। वह गिलक्राइस्ट के दश्ताने को छिपाने के लिए कोने वाली कुर्सी पर बैठ गया। वैनिस्टर पहले गिलक्राइस्ट के घर बावर्ची था इसलिए वह उसे बचाना चाहता था । गिलक्राइस्ट ने एक पत्र के माध्यम से सूचित किया कि वह इस परीक्षा को छोड़ रहा था। यह पूछने पर कि वह ऐसा क्यों कर रहा था तो उसने बताया कि वैनिस्टर ने उसे सही रास्ता दिखाया था। उसने एक पिता की तरह उसे समझाया कि वह जो कर रहा था वह उचित नहीं था। इसलिए उसने परीक्षा न देने का निश्चय कर लिया।

  • Valuable – precious – कीमती, बहुमूल्य
  • Amazed – surprised – आश्चर्यचकित;
  • Culprit – offender – दोषी
  • Pretend – to behave in a particular way in order to make other people believe something that is not true – दिखावा करना ।